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Out at LAPC, Phil and Jennifer

by Roy Winston |  Published: Feb 24, '08


I only made it through the first 60 minutes of play today in the Main Event at the LAPC. My plan initially worked well when I doubled through Max Pescatore on the 7th hand of the day. I was in the BB and he raised 3 BB from the button. I looked down at J 10 and pushed. Max insta-called me with A K. The flop provided a 10 as did the turn and it looked as I might make a comeback. My exuberance was short lived however. I called from the BB my next time around with 89 suited and the flop came A K Q, and folded to a raise. My final hand I had K 10 into A K.

The good news is that I got a lot of work done, answered emails and paid bills. I played a little in a mixed PLO, No Limit game which was a good game. I was playing next to Phil Laak, whom I respect both as a poker player and more importantly, a friend. It was the dinner break for the main event, and his significant other, Jennifer Tilly, joined us for a while. I hadn't seen Phil and Jennifer since Australia and it was nice to catch up with them. I recently watched Phil's new TV show which you can watch through his website The show revolves around the antics of Phil and Antonio making prop bets on all sorts of crazy things, I found it very entertaining and well done. Jennifer was doing quite well in the main event, last time I checked she had a lot of chips. I would expect no less from a WSOP bracelet winner. I did forget to ask her if her sister Meg is single, no not for me, for a "friend."

I will play in the Celebrity event at the end of the week here at the Commerce, which should be fun then it's off to Vegas for a week before Bay 101.

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