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Vacation Coming Soon, Multi Entry On Full Tilt

by Roy Winston |  Published: Feb 23, '11


I have a bunch of good trips coming up, none poker related until the WSOP. I am headed to a friends wedding in Cabo in early April and will spend some time there enjoying the beach, sun and fun. After the crazy winter in New York, I need it, I can’t believe it snowed yet again on Monday.

I am also trying to plan a diving trip for end of March or beginning of April. I love to SCUBA and haven’t been since Cyprus last year. One trip I really want to do is a dive trip to where the whale sharks are. That is the one sea creature that has eluded me that I really want to see. It seems that when I have the time to go it’s the wrong season for them or they are in a hard to get to far away place. A friend suggested that I head to Atlanta and dive in the aquarium there with the resident whale sharks. Now I think that would be cool, but wouldn’t substitute for meeting them in the open ocean.

I am thinking about Cozumel, where the diving is always excellent and it’s easy to get to. I haven’t been there for almost 15 years and would be excited to return.

I have been playing online quite a bit lately, and cashed in several of the FTOP’s event but no deep runs. I have been getting my chips in good and just getting a little unlucky in big spots, but overall it’s been good. I also really like the multi-entry events on Full Tilt, where you can enter the same event several times and play all the entries separately. If you wind up at the same table as yourself your entries combine. It makes a lot of sense to me and should decrease your variance. Critics say it gives an unfair advantage to those who enter multiple times, but I like the larger prize pools, and it’s really just like playing more opponents. Hey if you like it, play it, and if not there are plenty of other tournaments to play, it’s just another option.

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