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Positive Thought, Chainsaw, 7 Card Stud, Redrock

by Roy Winston |  Published: Feb 18, '08


I am off to play the 7 card stud event today, and then will take a few days off before the main event. A couple of days ago, a group of us were having dinner during the break at one of the tournaments and Alan "Chainsaw" Kessler came over to our table and said I need to tell you about these 5 bad beats I took. Almost in unison we all said no don't, we don't want to hear it. He continued anyway. If you know Alan, you know he is a good person, but has a terribly negative attitude. Although I do not believe you can change the cards that fall be thinking positively, I do think you play better, with a positive mental attitude. Jared Hamby told him "read The Secret, it will change your life." I do not subscribe to all that mumbo jumbo, but I do think, you can be a happier person when you think the glass is half full, and that you create your own luck by putting yourself in the right positions and situations. So Alan, or should I say Chainsaw, or is it Hacksaw, mentally put yourself in a better position and visualize winning, instead of a bad beat where you go out on the bubble, with pocket aces, all in pre-flop. I hope this works for me today.

I just got off the phone with one of my close friends, Matt Sacca who is the Director of Casino Marketing at Redrock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and have just planned a fun weekend in Vegas at Redrock with some friends for the week after LAPC and before Bay 101. They have an excursion package which includes some hiking and Kayaking which our group is going to combine with golf and bowling. Apparently, they have a very cool bowling center with private lanes and good food. I haven't bowled since I was 15, I wonder if they can put those inflatable cushions in the gutters for me. Two of the guys coming to visit are doctors I used to work with in Atlanta, and we get together a couple of times a year, for golf and what ever else comes our way. I used to play poker with them in Atlanta, but this trip that's one thing we won't be doing.

The Oracle

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