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Tag Team, HORSE at The Bike and ET from NY

by Roy Winston |  Published: Feb 15, '08


Raymond Davis and I played together in the tag team event, which initially was going along fine until I rivered 2nd full house and got all our money in and lost to top full house. I felt pretty bad, being the one that busted us out. Raymond was very cool about it though, and I was glad to have him as a partner. It really is a fun event in that you change players every blind level, and you can play a satellite or cash game that you alternate in and out of simultaneously as well.

As a piece of poker trivia I was out with Layne Flack yesterday and we were discussing playing in a single table satellite for the main event here at the LAPC, and he asked do you know how the satellite got started and why it is called a satellite? Layne said the person who came up with the idea of a single table "freeze out" is named Bob Satellite, so his last name became the name. Then Layne mentioned that the last longer bet which is sometimes made in a satellite came from another player Scott Last Longer. I then realized I'd been had, Pretty gullible I know, but I do know, for a fact, that the guy who invented the toilet was named John Crapper, so you never know.

Last night I went over to the Bike for a mixed game hosted by Yosh. The game included, Layne Flack, Todd Brunson, Yosh, and the poker legend ET. from NY along with a couple of his friends. I met ET a couple of years ago at the Bellagio and we have played together several times and he is very entertaining at the table and brings a lot of action. He usually sits very deep in a no limit game. In fact we played at The commerce a few nights ago in a 50/100 No Limit Holdem game and ET had well over 100k in fron of him, more than twice anyone else at the table. In one hand we played together there was a good sized pot and I moved in on the river for about 12k. ET said he was pretty sure he was behind but if he called me and I lost would I rebuy very deep and go on tilt? Since I had flopped mid set and he had only one medium pair I was begging for a call but no luck. I did love his logic though. So when I heard he was playing a mixed game at the Bike I headed over there to see if I could get in the game with him again.

We played HORSE, which I really enjoy, and there was one interesting Stud High hand where ET and Matt also from NY, went heads up. Edwin showed a 4 and Matt a 7. ET was the bring in for 100 and Matt completed the bet to 400, and ET called. Next came a 4 for ET and an A for Matt. ET bet and Matt called. Then a Q for ET and another A for Matt. ET again bet, Matt raised and Edwin called. ET got a third 4 and Matt a K for boards of ET : 4 4 Q 4 to Matt's 7 A A K. ET bet, Matt raised and ET called. After the seventh card came ET bet, Matt raised and ET called. ET turned showed 4 4 4 Q Q and Matt laughed and tabled 7 7 7 A A. I am not sure ET realized if Matt could raise his open set that he was behind and obviously had rolled up 7's. I've got to get into ET's NY game. When I racked up to leave my notes on the night were gone and I think ET might have "borrowed" them hoping to quash this story, but ET got unlucky again.

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