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The LAPC Limit Event & Paul Taylor in a Big Cash Game

by Roy Winston |  Published: Feb 13, '08


So far the LAPC has been tough for me. I haven't gone much past the dinner break in any event and have gotten coolered more times than I can count. I did go on tilt during the limit event tonight. I lost three big hands in a row, including pocket aces and then dumped the rest of my chips. I am disappointed in my play because in an event, or cash game, if I take a bad beat, or am coolered, I just take it in stride, and keep going. If I wind up short stacked in an event, I grind it out. I'm usually not one of those players that you see, who goes on tilt, and throws their chips away. So, I think tonight may have helped me refocus and get back to playing up to my capabilities.

While walking around downstairs at the Commerce I ran into a good friend, Paul Taylor,
who invited me to sweat him in a big cash game. Keep in mind, Paul is one of those unknown players who specializes in live action cash games, and if you wind in a game with him, there is a good chance he's leaving with some of your money. Tonight he played in the biggest no limit live action cash game at The Commerce. Paul and I first met while playing in a 25-50 limit holdem game in the Palm Springs area. He was the local poker pro, who won consistently. He moved to Vegas a couple of years ago and has never looked back. In tonights game the blinds were 100/200 with a button dead ante of 400. The makeup of the game was interesting, five or six of the best players in the world, one solid but very aggressive player and two fish. One of the fish actually got lucky and won over $30,000, the other fish lost in excess of $100,000 by the time I left. It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes even the worst player can get lucky, and book a big win. Although, it is this ability to get lucky, that keeps players with fair to middling skills, coming back for more, and although they sometimes win in the short run, eventually they give it all back, and more.

I'm going to play the tag team event tomorrow, and then take a few days off to play golf and relax. Also, I miss my dog Falko, whom I haven't seen much of for the past 3 months. I am thinking a little time off will help me to get ready for the main event. I am also looking forward to the WPT Invitational, which follows the main event.

The Oracle

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