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LAPC Re-Buy and David The Dragon

by Roy Winston |  Published: Feb 11, '08


The LAPC re-buy event was interesting last night. There was a massive field of over 700 and the number of re-buys and add-ons was huge. I myself accounted for 5 re-buys and a double add-on. The first 3 levels (40 minutes per level) you could do a double re-buy each time you busted, $600 for 2k in chips. The play was fast and furious during these levels. Players not accustomed to it are shocked by the aggressiveness. Then the game transitions to a little more of the standard play.

The first hand after the re-buy period ended, I picked up AA and was able to almost double up through someone who put me much weaker and called my post flop all in with 2nd pair. What made yesterday fun was David the Dragon joined the table at the end of the re-buy period, and was the chip leader with 22k. He sat immediately to my right, which is where I wanted him. He and I have played together before and give each other a fair amount of respect.

I had gone card dead and not played a hand in 30 minutes, it was David's BB and I limped under the gun with J 9. There were two other limpers and David took a moment and raised 6 BB. I thought him weak and since I limped UTG I decided to re-raise about a full pot back at him. He called, which I expected. The flop came 2 6 J. David moved all in and I called. He tabled 3 4. Other than runner, runner, or a gutter ball for a straight flush, I felt pretty good. The turn gave both of us the flush and the river was kind and no straight flush coming. I now had 22k in chips and David was down to 11k. A couple of hands later we went at it again. I picked up 5 5 again UTG. I raised this time and it was folded around to the button who called and David called from the BB. The flop was 2 8 8, and David checked. I felt like I had the best hand and bet about 75% of the pot. The button mucked, and David moved all in. I put him on two overs and maybe a flush draw, or even just an open shove. I went with my read and called. He showed 7 10. The turn and river bricked out and I chipped up. David came over to me and in the true style of a gentleman, complimented me on my play, shook my hand, and we talked for a few moments. I have the utmost respect for him and his game, and know it's just a matter of time until he sends me to the rail.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capitalize with all those chips. I lost about 1/3 of my chips in a hand when I slow played top pair and let someone catch up, then lost A K 3 times, once to K K, and then to A Q and K 10. The good news is I wound up in a cash game that went well. Today is a 2.5k event and I'm looking for my first final table of the LAPC.

The Oracle

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