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Playground Poker Club of Montreal

by Roy Winston |  Published: Dec 21, '10


I am headed out of Montreal after a great stay. The weather was pretty mediocre, but the city seems to function well in spite of it. The playground poker club was a great facility, with lots of good action and a wide range of cash games and tournaments to choose from. They have around 25 tables in the main room and the capacity for two high stakes table in a private room. There is an abundance of really good food and your choice of eating in the dining room or at your table. The staff provides a high level of customer service and the dealers are well trained.

It was a fun outing for me because all they wanted was for us to play poker and mix with the players. There were a few Full Tilt pro’s there, Mike McDonald, Marc Karum—— and local player Eric Cajalias. I feel honored because I was the only American in the group, with the others being Canadian. I spent some social time with Mike McDonald and Marc and we talked poker a little as well. Those two are really sharp in their hand analysis, I always try and pick up a few things from players like that, and believe me I can use all the help I can get. My only complaint for the trip was Air Canada. I guess I seem to complain quite a bit about the various airlines I wind up on. I have come to the conclusion that air travel in the 21st century just sucks. Costs have increased markedly and customer service has dropped to the non-existent level. There should be some Google or Yahoo service that tabulates complaints against various companies and publishes the results. My experience would have Time Warner and Delta running just about neck and neck for worst customer service in the world for a major company. Obviously that has been my experience, but when Delta was rated the worst domestic airline, others must be sharing my experience. I am looking into moving and one of the more important things is to find a place to live where I don’t have to use Time Warner as my cable and internet provider.

The days of the Pan Am Clipper with its exceptional service are long gone, but as I write this it has just come to me, you know who would make a must excellent Airline Stewardess from the old days? It’s so obvious, Sarah Palin. I know you are thinking what the heck is he talking about, but she has the look and affect of the old time stewardesses. I am sure if she had one of those prospective employment tests in high school she would have tested well for flight attendant or perhaps cafeteria lunch lady. She really missed her calling. What got me thinking about her was several Canadians asked, I guess because I was the token American, if I thought Palin would be running on the republican ticket and of course I had no idea, but it did start me thinking. How can it be that the republican party is so hard up for candidates that she is there #1 choice. How is it that the American public has tolerated her in the spotlight, as it were, for so long? Perhaps it’s just a reflection of the times when people like Christine O’donnell, Shirley Angle, and Palin emerge as politicians. I think history will look back on this period as a pretty dark time.

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over 11 years ago

hey Roy, move to Vegas baby, we got cox comm. no time warner here, Omaha is a thought too, 5 minutes from the Horseshoe in council bluffs, and no time warner.

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