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Borgata Day #2 and JJ Prodigy

by Roy Winston |  Published: Jan 28, '08


We just finished the second day of play at The Borgata Main Event. It was a tumultuous day for me, started with 64,000 in chips and lost my first two hands and hit 19,000. I was able to work it up to 50,000 after doubling through David Williams with 9 9 when he flopped a flush draw that missed. I think I looked a little tilted because if losing the first few hands and he snap called with the drawing hand. I kept clawing my way back and by dinner was slightly above average with 100,000. My table broke shortly after dinner and I wound up at a table with two huge chip stacks, one being the chip leader, Noah Schwartz. Also at the table was last year's winter champion John Hennigan. I had pocket aces twice during the first 5 levels of play and the first time against Ken Weiner who began the hand with 50k in chips to my 90k. He raised 3 BB in mid position and I looked down at A A in the small blind. I re-raised 2 x the pot, he insta-called me. My read on him was AK, KK, or QQ. The flop came K Q 7, and I was somewhat concerned. I bet 80% of the pot and with only slight hesitation he moved all in. My dilemma here is that two of the three hands I put him on, I was behind to, and I didn't want to give up another 28k in chips.

So, trusting my read I mucked, returning to my core thought that a bad muck is way better than a bad call. Ken flipped over A Q off, and I felt sick. Shortly after that I again picked up A A in late position with three limpers in the pot. I raise 5 BB and the first limper re-raises. The other's muck and I min raise him back. He responds by min raising me. At this point I go into the tank for 15 seconds and go all in. He thinks for a while and muck K K face up.

The last level of the night I picked up a few good hands including A A twice. The first time I got decent action, and the second time I raised my standard 3BB raise UTG + 1 and got no callers. I was also able to make some good re-raises with medium strength hands with my opponent's insta-mucking. Tomorrow will be moving day with the money coming at 54 players of the 99 still remaining.

I would like to comment on Daniel Negreanu's blog where he discusses JJ Prodigy. First let me say that I have the utmost respect for Daniel Negreanu both as a poker player and an outstanding person. I think comparing JJ Prodigy to Michael Jackson, who is basically a pedophile, is a little harsh. If you read my earlier blog from Aussie Millions, I discussed playing in several events, including a final table with the now 18 year old JJ Prodigy. I was distrusting of him and didn't want to like him when I met him. I also reported how one Aussie player kept riding him about being a cheater. I spent some time talking with JJ after the event was over. I felt like he was remorseful and sorry about what he had done. He was 16 at the time and I think allowing him a chance to redefine himself is charitable, but should be given. I agree with Daniel that he could have been more contrite on Poker Road, but I think like every 18 year old out there he wants to be liked, and tried to play to the crowd.

Anyway, I agree with the internet ban on FTP and Stars, but if he plays by the rules in live action events and behaves himself he should be given a chance. I believe in the good in people and that sometimes good people can do a bad thing and it doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. I am not a religious person (except at a poker table in a big situation) and will break my own rule of using religious quotes and say; Let he who is amongst us without sin, cast the first stone.

The Oracle

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