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Heads Up at Aussie Millions

by Roy Winston |  Published: Jan 16, '08


The heads up at the Aussie Millions is a $5,400 buy in event limited to 64 players. Half the field plays today, with the second half playing tomorrow. The structure of the event is good in that each match is a best of three. I once again applaud Jonno and his staff here at the Crown. For my first match I drew Emanuel Seal in my first match, he made the final table in last year's main event and is a book maker by profession. The blinds started at 25-50 and we began by playing a lot of small pots. I was playing slowly, trying to get a feel on him and pick up any reads that I could. Slowly, I took the lead and keep trying to play small ball. After I had taken about half his chips, I raised with K 8 on the button and he called. The flop came K 8 5, and I made a pot size bet which he called. On the turn came a 2 and he bet and I raised him all in. He quickly called and showed K 2. The second match was very similar, and after I took about 40% of his chips we wound up all in pre flop, I had A J and he showed K J. The flop was bricks and I turned an Ace, and the first match ended.

My second match was Jamie Pickering, who had just beaten Annete Obrestad and made the pot limit final table with me last week. I continued to play small ball and slowly chipped away at him. I bet when I had it, and bet when I felt he missed it. After I had taken almost half of his chips I looked down at A K and limped from the button. He raised 3 BB, and I re-raised pot sized back at him. He thought for a minute and moved all in. I quickly called and he showed A Q. The flop provided no hope either way, and fortunately the turn brought a King. The second set moved quicker and I fell behind when he turned a straight after I flopped top two. I got away from the hand, but loss half my chips. Slowly I chipped up a little bit, then I caught a break when he raised and I looked down at A K and raised. He pushed all in and I called. He showed K J. An Ace came in the window and held up. Now I was back to even. I then won a few small pots and took the lead. He raised from the button and I looked down at A 9 and put him all in. He thought for a moment and called with K 9. The flop came all spades and I had the nuts. Two matches down, one more to go. The next one would put me in the money. The final 8 are guaranteed 20K, 1st place is 120k, second 60k, 3rd and 4th 40k.

My next draw was Harry Demetriou. He had just beaten Henry Bloom in a grueling 3 set match which took over 2 hours. For the third match we started with 10,000 in chips and the blinds at 100-200. My strategy stayed the same, play small pots and try to get reads on Harry. I slowly chipped up to about 12,500 in chips and he limped from the button and I looked down at 7 4. The flop came 7 4 2. I led out with a 400, pot sized bet. He raised 1,000, and I re-raised 2,000. He then moved all in and I called. He flipped over A A. The turn and river failed to improve his hand and I was up 1:0. The next match started the same way and I chipped up to about 12,000. I then raised 3 BB from the button with A K. He called and the flop came 10 4 2 and he led out 1,200. I thought for a minute and moved all in. He went into the tank and finally called with K 10. No Ace coming and although I had about 2k in chips left he closed me out and we were tied.

So the whole days play comes down to this one match for the win and a minimum cash of $20,000. I started to chip away at him and started to chip up when he raised from the button and I looked down at 2 black aces, my favorite hand. I went into the tank and min raised him, he re-raised me all in and I insta-called and he said, oh no. He showed K 9. The flop came 8 A 7. The turn came 10 and the river a blank. It felt good to make the money and the round of 16. Tomorrow the B group plays and Saturday we combine for the conclusion.

Tomorrow I'm going to play the team event with Nick Binger. We start with 3k in chips and alternate levels. When the second player enters they get an additional 3k. More tomorrow.

The Oracle

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