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The Main Event, Aussie Millions

by Roy Winston |  Published: Jan 13, '08


Wow is all I can say. I really felt that things were going along well and the next thing I know I'm in the elevator going up to my room. The third hand of the event I only loose 800 in chips when a guy gets super lucky and rivers quads against me. Then I get quads against Mike Sexton's bottom full house and he folds. Then fast forward two levels and Mike Sexton makes a 3 BB raise under the gun, I look down at 8 8 and smooth call. The flop comes K 10 8. Mike makes it 1,500, I raise 4,000, he goes all in for about 18k more. I call and he rolls over 9 J. The turn comes 10 and the river fails to give him the straight flush he needed to win. Don't get me wrong, I was glad to win the hand and get all of Mike's chips, but I really like and respect him and wish it was someone elses chips I was stacking. In a tournament I am always trying to get every chip I possibly can, at all times, but I I still hate to knock out players I like. Why can't it always be the obnoxious guy at the table who you bust.

I went out pretty much the same way as Mike, I held 7 6, with a 5 8 10 flop in a raised pot on the button. My opponent led out for 5k into a 6k pot and I re-raised all in for 28k more. He thought for a while and called. To my surprise he rolled over K 10, the turn and the river were bricks and I was out. My play was aggressive, but I think solid, I just got a little unlucky. What a brutal game this is. I guess now I will play the heads up and HORSE event. I was looking forward to not playing them and still being in the main event.

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