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Mick The "Hoon" and JJ Prodigy

by Roy Winston |  Published: Jan 12, '08


As I am getting ready for golf I realized I forgot to mention perhaps the funniest part of Mick "the Hoon's" antics. Mick almost reminds me of an Aussie version of John Candy. JJ Prodigy, Mick, and I were at the same table for about twelve hours yesterday in what was a constant stream of Mick's monologue. JJ has just turned 18 recently and now has entered the world of live tournament play. He was banned from the PCA event as part of his lifetime pokerstars ban, and this week at Aussie Millions is his live debut. It seemed that JJ was raising Mick's BB more often than random chance would suggest is normal. JJ was in the Cutoff on Mick's BB and perhaps thats Prodigy's position of choice to play from. The player to his right was somewhat passive and it made some sense to be aggressive from there.

Anyway, everytime JJ raised Mick, or for that matter anytime JJ was in a hand or even made eye contact with him, Mick started in with "Anyone who can figure out how to cheat on a computer is all right with me, I can barely turn the bloody thing on." "You can't multi-play us here" , or "JJ,you can have me sister when she gets out of jail, you two might just hit it off." What also made the whole thing interesting was the talk at the table about the interview JJ Prodigy did with Amanda, where he allegedly admits to still playing online, though not in the past few weeks. It is an interesting interview on and I think worth watching. I have to say that JJ handled himself well with Mick, and really took a lot of abuse. He ate a lot of crow, perhaps well deserved, but none the less he manned up and took it. It will be interesting to see if he can right himself after what happened. Keep in mind he was 16 at the time, and I think lots of us wouldn't want things we did at 16 held against us for the rest of our lives. He did seem a bit smug in his interview, but I'll let you decide that for yourself. On a different note I would say he is not without some live game skills, and I look forward to playing him later today.

The Oracle

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