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Rebuy Event at Aussie Millions

by Roy Winston |  Published: Jan 08, '08


Today I was fortunate enough to play in the rebuy event, at least for a little while. I made it almost to the dinner break before busting. I did finally get a few big pairs, but managed to get them busted or just scoop the blinds. I did play a really fun event that I never heard of before during a break. For a $125 entry fee ten of us played a single table satellite, which sounds nrmal enough. You start with 300 in chips and the blinds are 100-200, you can only raise or fold, no calling allowed. A pretty wild game, but fun, and after about seven hands I won the event. The only problem is the winner received an entry into a mega for the main event. I really hate the mega format. It becomes an all in fest from start to finish. It reminds me of what Clint Eastwood said in the movie Dirty Harry, "do you feel lucky today."

In addition to mega's, another thing I hate is when you are playing a hand and you ask another player in the hand "how much are you playing?" It seems at least two players who are not in the hand feel compelled to answer with their count of the other player's chips. First of all when you're not in the hand, NO participating in the hand, second when I ask a player how much are you playing I want to hear their answer, not someone else at the table. How they answer and things they say will often give me information on their hand. That's a lot of the reason I'm asking. Sometimes in a cash game you might miss big chips that are out of view, or a new player sits down and you are unsure of their stack, but in a tournament you should always know the stack size of everyone at your table, particularly in the middle to late stages of an event. Your opponents stack sizes can, at times, be as important as your hand, or position.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's feature no limit event. It consists of a pro at each table who has a bounty for being eliminated. Should be interesting to see how long I can survive with people trying extra hard to take my bounty. I have a good feeling about it so more tomorrow.

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