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Back In Vegas

by Roy Winston |  Published: Dec 02, '10


Well it feels good to be back in Las Vegas. I had an interesting flight out. These days with Wifi on most flights I sit back relax and play online, which makes the time pass quickly. So, on my flight they announce that there will be free Wifi, which sounded great, except when I go to logon on it says that the system is full. So instead of paying $12 and having a good connection like usual, they give it away for free and it doesn’t work, now that’s a bad beat. They should change the name from “Gogo” to “Nogo.”

What I found most interesting is that the flight attendants spent most of the flight sitting in the back galley with computers on their laps hooked into the “free” internet. It’s no wonder that Delta was rated the worst domestic airline by airline passengers. They charge you to check a bag, charge for food, which is for the most part the equivalent of vending machine fare, hey but at least you get free soft drinks when the stewardesses, that’s right I said stewardesses, got up from their laptops and decide to serve you. I liked it when flight attendants where stewardesses. Come on, let’s be honest other than the preflight briefing, which is now a video, what safety related things do they really do? Air travel has become like the Greyhound bus, and don’t even get me started on the Greyhound bus. I wonder what the FAA would say about flight attendants playing on the internet while on duty. If they were the stewardesses of days gone by they would have known what customer service was and how to provide it.

At least I got a little bit of work done on the plane, but all in all, I would have rather been playing while en route.

I am looking forward to playing the WPT event at Bellagio. I haven’t played a tournament there in quite a while. The combination of schedule and the small fields have kept me away, but I think this will be a well attended event. I guess we will see. My good friend Jay Berger has decided to play the event as well and it will be good to catch up with him. He has had quite a good run online lately and feels ready to step up to a big live event. I’m off to find a game, more later.

Roy Winston finished 16th in 2007 Card Player, Player of the Year race. He won the WPT Borgata Poker Open and finished the year with well over $2 million in tournament poker winnings. Roy plays online exclusively at Full Tilt. For more information on Roy Winston, you can visit his website: or send an email to: with your questions or comments. The contents presented herein on this blog are purely the opinions of Roy Winston, and are not intended to reflect or promote the opinions of any other person, group, or entity. If you like what I write than thanks for reading, and if not well, thanks anyway.

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