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So Many Events, So Little Time

by Roy Winston |  Published: Jun 23, '10


I spent this past weekend playing cash games at The Borgata which never seem to disappoint. I was happy to see Ivey and Velador win bracelets this week. I am headed back to Vegas after the July 4th weekend for the main event and am now trying to decide whether to go back out tomorrow, or back to Borgata. This has been the least I have been at the WSOP in the past 3 years, but I have several business and family things going on that are more important to me right now. It is tough however, because I really want to be in Vegas playing the events.

While at The Borgata this weekend I had 2 very interesting ideas brought up to me. The first was to add a WSOP event for military personnel, current or past, and the idea was to hold it on July 4th. Of all the poker ideas I have heard in a while this really seemed great. Just like there is a dealers event, a military event would honor those who have or are currently serving with their own event. I am going to see if I can get some momentum behind this and move it forward.

My bust out hand from the Borgata deep stack was somewhat interesting, and it made me laugh, and cry. The event was a $560 deep-stack, where you start with 25k in chips and the blinds structure has lots of levels, although the levels are 30 minutes. I chipped up a little the first level and a half up to 28k in chips and was on the button with J 10 diamonds and called 3 big blinds after there were four in the pot in front of me. The flop comes Q 9 of diamonds and a black 4, it is checked around to me and I bet the pot and get called by the initial raiser. The turn brings an off suit king, giving me the nut straight. He checks to me and I bet the pot and he raises me back a full pot. So call me crazy, but with the stone cold nuts and the redraw to the flush and straight flush and 40k in the pot leaving me about 13k behind, I move all in. He tanks forever and finally he says I know I’m behind but I’m feeling lucky and he calls with top 2 KQ. Of course the non-diamond king comes on the river.

Hopefully all my luck is being saved up for the WSOP main event. At least that’s the way I am looking at it.

Roy Winston finished 16th in 2007 Card Player, Player of the Year race. He won the WPT Borgata Poker Open and finished the year with well over $2 million in tournament poker winnings. Roy plays online exclusively at Full Tilt. For more information on Roy Winston, you can visit his website: or send an email to: with your questions or comments. The contents presented herein on this blog are purely the opinions of Roy Winston, and are not intended to reflect or promote the opinions of any other person, group, or entity. If you like what I write than thanks for reading, and if not well, thanks anyway.

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over 11 years ago

Roy you said "Hopefully all my luck is being saved up for the WSOP main event. At least that’s the way I am looking at it."

Isn't poker a game of skill?


over 11 years ago

I am not normally a part of the bash Roy bandwagon, but you may want to double check the definition of "the stone nuts"


over 11 years ago

Im gonna try to get an all negro tournement going in support of african americans. It will be held sometime in feb because that is black history month. Also BET will be on all televisions during the event....


over 11 years ago

Just skip all the events Roy, save yourself some $.

Stay home, don't lose. Easy game.


over 11 years ago

i can see it now...shaundeeb and his friends wearing fake military uniforms trying to get into this event and annie duke defending their rights to do so.


over 11 years ago

i use to like reading your blog now i wish they cut you off. please cardplayer get rid of roy. we need more tony dunst stories of how his friend f**ked in the back of a truck. lol what a bunch of smacked *ss bloggers we have.

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