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The Playbook: Preflop Isolation Raise

by Dusty Schmidt |  Published: Jul 09, 2014


In this series of articles, I break down every poker play in the book. Literally. That’s why it’s called The Playbook! Preflop Isolation Raise In the first three articles in this series, we looked at your preflop options when no one had yet entered the pot. But how should your strategy change when someone else has voluntarily put chips in the middle? If we look at the case where one person has opened the action and no one else has called or raised in front of you, we still have a pair of scenarios. That preflop opener either raised or called. In this article and the next, we’ll focus on your options when someone has limped in ahead of you. Today we’ll look at the preflop isolation raise, where you raise that limper. Good Reasons To Raise If someone limps ahead of you and you hold a strong hand, you ...

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