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My Two Favorite Underrated Plays

by Dusty Schmidt |  Published: Nov 30, 2011


If you’ve read my column lately, you know I’ve been focusing on plays that are underutilized. For my final installment in this series, I’m going to focus on a couple plays I call “The Killer Blow” and “Shoving When They Can’t Have It.” Hands down, “The Killer Blow” is my favorite. This is a two-part play that involves both a turn and river bet, and I feel it’s one of the most effective plays I’ve ever devised. Let’s assume you are playing a $5-$10 no-limit table where everyone has at least 100 big blind stacks. You get dealt 7 8 in the small blind. The cutoff raiser makes it $40, and everyone folds to you. You decide to call and the big-blind folds. The pot is $90 and the flop comes down K 9 4. You check and your opponent checks. From my experience, your opponent will have either a ...

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