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A New Era of Change and Growth

by Brendan Murray |  Published: Oct 01, 2007

Like many people, my first taste of high-stakes poker came in 1999 with the groundbreaking Channel 4 TV show Late Night Poker. At the time, I was a cub journalist, honing my trade in the newsroom of one of the world's leading independent financial publishing houses.

My friend, flat-mate, and fellow journalist Kenny and I would straggle home from the pub on a Friday evening with a bag of booze and marvel at the brave men and women who, week in, week out, went to war with each other over the felt.

Fast-forward eight years and Kenny earns his living at the game, better known to most as Ken "KPNuts" Powell, while I earn my living writing about it.

Sometimes, when I think about it, it's hard to believe. But there is little time in this game to dwell on such things. I am privileged to have met most of my heroes, excited to write about the creative and very human endeavor that unfolds before us, and lucky to have the opportunity to be the bureau chief of this venerable organ.

Instrument of Change
You may have noticed some changes in Card Player recently - the layout and design have been revamped, new writers have been commissioned, and new content introduced - and there are many more developments to come, both in print and online.

My predecessor, Rolf Slotboom, has been instrumental in shaping the magazine, as was his predecessor, Jesse May. Rolf's diligence and passion for both poker and publishing have set the bar high. I thank him for that, and I can only hope to match his success in taking Card Player into a new multimedia era. Rolf remains part of the Card Player family and will continue to write and be involved in exciting new opportunities in the near future.

Of course, a magazine is only as strong as its readers are vocal, and I look forward to engaging in constructive dialogue with you on how we can continue to improve on our efforts.

It's Poker Time!
It seems like no time since the 38th World Series of Poker had us enthralled, but by the time you read this, the European Poker Tour will be under way, the World Series of Poker Europe will have come and gone, the World Poker Tour looks to grow beyond the U.S., and a host of lower-profile but no less vital tournaments will be taking place the length and breadth of the continent.

It's a truly exciting time for European poker as the competition heats up and Americans are beginning to discover the delights of playing in cities such as Barcelona, London, Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, and Monte Carlo.

Good luck to all as the season kicks off, a warm welcome to our U.S. cousins, and rest assured that Card Player will continue to bring you the most up-to-date news, exciting exclusives, fascinating features, and expert analysis from the great game.