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Italian News

|  Published: May 01, 2007

Max Pescatori, "The Italian Pirate," as he's known in America, recently won the Italian Championship of Texas Hold'em no-limit main event.

Pescatori lives in Las Vegas, but possibly will come back to Italy for other Italian events. "I'm very proud to be on the top of the ranking. I would love to be the Italian champion. As a matter of fact, when I play in the U.S., I always wear a bandana with the colours of the Italian flag and a blue shirt," he said. Pescatori made a lot of great plays, like a stone-cold bluff all-in reraise, and more. Some plays did not turn that well, though. For example, when only six players were left, Max heavily reraised with A-4. Francesco Guermani, who placed fourth, called with the Kdiamond Qdiamond. The dealer turned the Adiamond Jdiamond 10diamond, a royal flush on the flop!

Max just smiled: "It has never happened to me to see a royal flush on the flop."

Results were as follows:

€1,100 no-limit hold'em
Entrants (an Italian record): 356

1. Max Pescatori €103,120
2. Antonio Bifferali €54,500
3. Raffaele Silvera €27,500
4. Francesco Guermani €23,500
5. Gianluca Colosimo €20,200
6. Fabio Franzoni €17,000
7. Nicola Bernardini €13,700
8. Francesco De Vivo €10,000 spade