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Poker in the Pub

League One of National Poker in the Pub League

by Dave Brannan |  Published: Dec 01, 2006

Welcome once again to the second installment of I am overwhelmed by the growth of the league and the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Our efforts to keep this a fun league have paid dividends, with many regional authorities endorsing the league both as legal and as entertainment. We reckon that we already have introduced poker to more than 1,000 new players, either through playing or watching their friends. There are certainly many more home games occurring as a result. Finally, I must thank our Andy Price for his contributions in ensuring the league's growth. Without his hard work, we would not be the success we are.

Severe Weather Warning
In week No. 4, the Poker in the Pub team had a close escape, as their office was hit by a tornado. Windows were slammed and trees were shaken as five minutes of mayhem descended on the building. A severe weather warning was also issued for the Bull Inn in Worcester, as Daz "The Hurricane" Page recorded his best result in the league so far with a third-place finish, earning himself 1,900 points.

See the Difference
By the time we reached week No. 5, Plymouth landlord Steve Pillage was really seeing the difference our poker evenings were making in his pub (The Mutley Tavern). He told us that it used to be completely empty on a Thursday evening, but now, he has around 16 people playing poker, as well as some avid spectators. "The poker is going really well, and it is now one of our busiest nights of the week," Pillage said.

Week No. 6 saw us cruise past the 1,000-player mark, which was a fantastic achievement only halfway through the first league. With so much positive feedback from the pubs, the first half of the league has exceeded all expectations, and the administrative difficulties that occurred at the start of the league are now, for the most part, a distant memory.

It was all go in Lincoln for week No. 7, as we saw a royal flush on consecutive nights. The first occurred at the Green Barrel, and then the following evening at the Shoulder of Mutton, with Al Burke deciding he wanted a piece of the action, as well. Our agent Dave Cain was present at both events, so we have decided to send him to a dealing course to learn how to shuffle.

Tough Call - Poker Versus Engagement
The excitement was building as we entered week No. 8 with the regional finals looming ever closer. There were some tough decisions for the players, and some of them were not made at the tables. "Regional finals or my own engagement party?" It was a tough call for David "The Broker" Bellamy, but he saw sense in the end and cancelled the engagement party! We are not quite sure if this action complements our "just for fun" attitude of the league, but at least he is enthusiastic.

Week No. 9 saw The Gatehouse Pub in Lincoln enter the league, and they got straight down to business with a royal flush in the first hour of play. Player numbers had now reached 1,300, and Poker in the Pub was really starting to take off in Scotland, with five new venues joining us. The Sutherland Bar in Port Glasgow was one of the new starters, and 16 players battled it out on their opening night before Paul Feeney finally triumphed.

We will be starting to bring on sponsors and trying to double the size and reach of the league. With the U.S. online gaming act hurting our industry, it is vital that this league is successful in introducing new players to the game. Please contact us at or if you wish to join or sponsor the league.

All of the regional finals action, prizes, and stories will appear in the next issue. spade