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CPTV Poker Video Spotlight -- Nick Petrangelo On Calling Short-Stack Shoves

by Erik Fast | Published: Mar 19, '16

… roughly 40 percent of his stack with the Q8 and hit … you find yourself facing a short-stack shove from late position and …

Poker Strategy With Rep Porter: Short Stack Preflop Play

by Rep Porter | Published: Oct 04, '15

… to try and increase your stack or stay ahead of the … the opener had a starting stack that was 50 big blinds …

CPTV Video Spotlight -- Mike "Timex" McDonald On Super Short Stack Play

by Erik Fast | Published: May 17, '14

… roller, where he played a short stack in an interesting manner. Card …

CPTV Video Spotlight -- Grayson Ramage On Keeping Cool After Getting Short Early

by Erik Fast | Published: Feb 22, '14

… this. If they get short stacked early on they … hopes of rebuilding their stack right then. This results … them punting off their stack, wasting the value of … good after getting so short. But he also used … try to reassemble a stack. Card Player TV caught …

Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Don't Throw Your Tournaments Away

by Ed Miller | Published: Nov 23, '13

… . There’s one other short stack at the table, but … by thinking that the short stack will just be worth … short indeed. You’ve crossed a threshold with your stack … equity. If your stack is so short that no one … if you’re playing a short stack well, you will very …

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Flop Evaluation: Part Six

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 27, '17

… to call off your whole stack with two outs when … where stacks sizes are relative short, they will get all- … their big pairs. With a short stack of 50 or so … the fact that they know short stack shoving ranges a lot … cash game, with a huge stack of 200 or more …

When I Was A Donk – Christopher Vitch

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Sep 19, '17

… . Here, Vitch talks about short-stacked tournament play. I … find yourself with a stack of something like three … no reason to play short-stacked in a cash … your way out of a short stack. I think the turning … come back from a short stack, or at least ladder …

What Should You Buy In For?

by Ed Miller |  Published: Sep 19, '17

… I decided to outline a short-stack strategy. The idea was … wrong table to try your short-stack strategy, you can go … But just because my simple short-stack strategy probably isn’t … time. But a truly strong short stack strategy also involves bluffing— …

Short Stacked Mistakes at the WSOP Final Table

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Aug 30, '17

… , given Blumstein has a giant stack in the big blind, I …

D+B Poker Book Extract: Here is in an extract of the newly published book by the most successful online poker player of all time, and 2017 WSOP bracelet winner, Chris Moorman

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Aug 16, '17

… people over-adjust when playing short-handed poker. They think that … and 3-bettors. However, in short-handed play I often see … the button with a 40bb stack and I 3-bet A …

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