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CPTV Poker Video Spotlight -- Nick Petrangelo On Calling Short-Stack Shoves

by Erik Fast | Published: Mar 19, '16

… roughly 40 percent of his stack with the Q8 and hit … you find yourself facing a short-stack shove from late position and …

Poker Strategy With Rep Porter: Short Stack Preflop Play

by Rep Porter | Published: Oct 04, '15

… to try and increase your stack or stay ahead of the … the opener had a starting stack that was 50 big blinds …

CPTV Video Spotlight -- Mike "Timex" McDonald On Super Short Stack Play

by Erik Fast | Published: May 17, '14

… roller, where he played a short stack in an interesting manner. Card …

CPTV Video Spotlight -- Grayson Ramage On Keeping Cool After Getting Short Early

by Erik Fast | Published: Feb 22, '14

… this. If they get short stacked early on they … hopes of rebuilding their stack right then. This results … them punting off their stack, wasting the value of … good after getting so short. But he also used … try to reassemble a stack. Card Player TV caught …

Poker Strategy With Ed Miller: Don't Throw Your Tournaments Away

by Ed Miller | Published: Nov 23, '13

… . There’s one other short stack at the table, but … by thinking that the short stack will just be worth … short indeed. You’ve crossed a threshold with your stack … equity. If your stack is so short that no one … if you’re playing a short stack well, you will very …

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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Apr 26, '17

… over 40 percent of his stack to the hand and would … of his calling range and stack as opposed to the absolute … on short-term tilt. The hand started with the UTG (stack 60 …

Final Table Takedown: Thomas Taylor Takes Advantage of an Aggressive Image to Capture a Title Ring at Canada’s Casino Regina

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 26, '17

… intentionally targeting because of their stack sizes throughout the final table … he jams for his remaining stack. Nisbet shoves all-in. CT … on where you are positioned stack wise at the table. … the middling stacks. With a short stack, I’m obviously just looking …

This Week's Big Winner: Sam Panzica Wins WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Apr 26, '17

… The Action Sitting as the short stack eight-handed, Sam Panzica was … and a double up. A short while later, Panzica and Volpe … the short stack, Panzica suddenly found himself just a couple big blinds short … and Spinella called off his stack with A 8. Panzica held …

Playing Top Pair In A Multi-Way Pot

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Apr 26, '17

… 12 out of his $600 stack with A Q. While … out of his somewhat short $115 stack. Clearly using the $ … for his entire $103 stack. Hero decided to call $ … (depending on the remaining stack sizes) are not the … 103 out of his $348 stack. The hijack decided to …

Two Mistakes In One Hand

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Apr 12, '17

… , he still had a nice stack of 21,000. He raised … . Hero is a bit too short to check-raise to an …

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