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CPPT III - Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

$1,080 No-Limit Hold'em $150K Guarantee


Dinner Break

The remaining players are now all on an hour-long dinner break following the completion of level 6.


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snigglebeach commented on Police In 'Riot Gear' Raid Poker Game With $0 Buy-In
this particular line interests me... league points are accrued based on one’s tournament finish AND BAR TAB.. Seems like i could finally drink my way into some winnings. Nice structure
Oct 31, 2012
snigglebeach commented on South Point Announces Free Online Poker
Dont waste your time. just an ad for someone's new terrible idea to make money off poker. poker tables with java ads all over the place slowing down the game. Instant un-install.
Oct 07, 2011
snigglebeach commented on The Ten -- Poker's One-Hit Tournament Wonders Over the Past Decade
I know he didn't win, but this list is incomplete without including Steve Dannenmann.
Sep 23, 2011
snigglebeach commented on Many Top Poker Sites Still Accepting Players
The real question is can i actually deposit easily into any of these sites??? I know with Doyle's its a huge mess. no easy direct deposit. And if its hard to get money in, how hard is it gonna be to get out??? Anyone know ...
Apr 19, 2011
snigglebeach commented on Department of Justice Indicts Owners of Major Online Poker Sites
I worry that the same thing that happened to me with Partypoker will happen again. Low stakes player who usually has $20-$40 in my account. Had $19 when PartyPoker shut down, now $35 with PS When i finally got contacted months later, they sent me ...
Apr 16, 2011
snigglebeach commented on Hand Matchup Poker Quiz – What Would You Do With 5c5h In This Spot?
D. Big continuation bet. heads-up he could have anything, but he isn't calling with suited connector overs, and prob not with with small pair either. If he calls or comes over the top, your prob already beat. Now you know. and since you have little ...
Oct 13, 2010
snigglebeach commented on Hand Matchup Poker Quiz -- What Would You Do With K-J in This Spot?
Like everyone else i am folding in fear of the set. The smooth call of the original raiser's be is what u have to be most worried about. it stink's rotten. If you were going to re-raise in that spot, it would be to get ...
Aug 17, 2010
snigglebeach commented on Dwan Bluffs Ivey in High Stakes Poker
the fact he even considered calling is a testament to Ivey's incredible instincts. Throughout the hand i think he is convinced Dwan has a monster. The only reason not to raise on the flop is to not be re-raised. he wants to see that turn ...
Mar 20, 2010
snigglebeach commented on Online Poker -- Tom 'durrrr' Dwan Dominates High Stakes Cash Games
As someone who regularly defends online poker to my friends... What you are saying about % outcomes of hands sounds extremely familiar with my results. I know i am losing more than 50% of my races, and when i have someone dominated (ak vs aq ...
Mar 09, 2010
snigglebeach commented on Online Poker -- The Data Mining Dilemma
No one should be able to see hands i mucked in the past. Seems like no-brainer. Maybe final table hands. but really, come on. Your gonna talk about how the pros hands are shown on TV, so they already are facing these challenges, but that ...
Dec 29, 2009
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