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Poker Dreams do come true!!!


by bradv7007  |  Published Oct 21, 2012


" Remember that guy who gave up? Neither does anybody else. "

I talk a lot about poker but my teachings and philosophy really pertain to most things in life.

What have you given up on? What are your dreams? Why aren't you on the path to accomplishing them? In my last blog " The Slight Edge" I talked about little steps to achieving huge results. In this one we discuss how bad do you want it?

Poker is a tough job, a lot of pros do not even recommend it. I think its up to you decide and I am here to help those that have said DAMMIT I AM GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT POKER!!! No matter what it takes or how long it takes this is the path I've chosen and I will make it work! Because being successful at poker feels so good. There is nothing like winning at poker!

I believe that now is a tough time to choose poker as a profession but I also believe greener grass is around the corner and that poker boom #2 is coming in the next few years. Matt Affleck wrote a great blog not to long ago that I recommend you read at . It is also available here at

After doing my fair share of losing at poker and paying the price of not enough money and not where I thought I would be in life at 39yrs old I am excited to have turned the corner and see the promise land on the horizon.

This is kind of short and a little discombobulated as I just got home from Church and have to take back off soon for a family get together.

I am going to be discussing interesting hands I have played in the near future along with how to build a bankroll. I look forward to answering any questions you guys may have. Until then start living your dreams! I see way to many people at 30 to 40yrs old that are living a settle for life. That's not you! That's not what your here on this earth for!

God Bless,

Brad Varnell

I am coaching a few friends and family on poker and The Slight Edge Philosophy. If you are interested in coaching or have any questions or comments you can reach me at BradV7007@YAHOO.COM . I am really interested in working with a couple of select people here in Las Vegas where we can interact one on one


2 years ago

Good thoughts and I would correct the point about how many pros recommend it - I think few are none would recommend it as a job.


2 years ago

I agree with you terp, if you look again it says a lot of pros do NOT recommend it.


2 years ago

Most people don't become poker professionals because they can't live with a huge variance in their earnings from month to month, or even year to year. A regular job pays so many dollars per day, or week and most people with rent/mortgages/car payments and other bills like to know that they are earning enough to meet life's needs. Playing poker means accepting that you may spend an entire day and finish down $500.00 or up $500.00. And tomorrow, you face the same probabilities.
I suspect that what keeps most pro poker players on an even keel is having outide income from sponsors/seminars/books/TV appearances. Any income away from the tables reduces stress.


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