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On the way to freedom


by bradv7007  |  Published Oct 13, 2012


I am excited about this blog. I love poker and writing about it and hope by sharing some of my ups and downs I can entertain you and maybe help you to go after whatever is important to you in life. I am a coach at heart and love teaching others as I go through life. You will notice that I recommend plenty of books and belive wholeheartedly in personal development.

As I said in my first blog I am a amateur poker player, but I believe that should be changed to a semi professional as most of my income is derived from playing poker at this time and I am on my way to making poker a full time profession.

Playing poker full time for the last several months has been great. I love the freedom and being my own boss, but I am still getting use to the swings and and frustration that being under bankrolled can cause.

Today I am going to talk about two things I believe will help you to immediately see a positive change in your poker results if you are a cash game player. Specifically low limit No Limit Hold em with 1/2 to 2/5 blinds and buy ins ranging from 100$ to 1000$ .

1. Study away from the table! I believe along with several other experts that you should put in 1 hour of reading, watching training video's etc etc for every 5 hours that you are playing. If you are frustrated by your results at 1/2 NLH I recommend going to Amazon as soon as you are done with this blog and buying two books. The first being "Professional No Limit Hold 'em" By Ed Miller, Matt Flynn and Sunny Mehta. The second is "The Mental Game of Poker" by Jared Tendler. I know none of these Authors personally and I am not making a penny by recommending them. I have read and reread and reread them and have seen amazing breakthroughs in my poker game and believe they are a great start for anyone that wants to create serious profit through poker.

2. KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS!!!!! Quit fooling yourself! There is nothing wrong with losing at poker, but lying to yourself and others about your results is insanity. How in the world can you expect to get better if your not honest with yourself about where you are at? Plus someday if you want the support of your wife, husband, mom, dad, friends and family wouldn't it be nice to pull out your notebook or laptop and show them how much you are ahead for the last 3mo, 6mo or year or two? Its hard to argue with results! Plus I can tell you from personal experience that when your going through a downswing nothing will make you feel better than looking back over the last few months and seeing the wins and total profit overall.

This next lil bit is compliments of Mike Minetti who had this to say in a post on facebook last week "Over the course of a poker playing career, great players make a very large percentage of their income from otherwise very good players who are playing badly because they "want to get even". Once you learn how to play well, you should never feel this need to get even, for truly great players it doesn't exist. In fact, if it weren't for the money earned from good players playing bad, I don't think it would be possible to make a decent living at medium stakes poker."......Well I very much believe Keeping good records with help you with tilt!!! In the last three months I have had three losing weeks and it was nice to be able to see that I still had over 9K in profit and was averaging over thirty dollars an hour. I fooled myself for a lot of years and hope you do not make the same mistake. I use a simple notebook and track Room, Stake, Buy in, Time Played and profit/loss. I also use an app on my cell phone called session logger that is great.

So until next time enjoy those books, start keeping records and most importantly start going after your dreams! Life is amazing when you are just FLAT OUT GOING FOR IT! Do not let anyone steal your dreams.

God Bless,

Brad Varnell

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2 years ago

Great post. I also recommend both books mentioned. And I've got detailed records/spreadsheets including every session (live/online) for 15 years. It really does help during tough stretches to see how you've performed over 1000+ hours or 1,000,000+ hands at a given game/stake. Keep it up, and good luck at the felt!


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