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Flopped Top Two Pair - What would you have done?


by originalted  |  Published Apr 20, 2014


Hey All, I've been playing poker recreationally for about ten years and i can hold my own. But recently i've decided to get serious on nights and weekends. I'm reading everything i can, tracking my play and generally attempting to educate my poker universe. Most recently i was playing the following and one hand stood out as troubling so here we go:

NL SNG 9 Players (triple up) $3.30 buy-in and top 3 get $9.00 each.
Blinds $15/$30
Seat 6 UTG folds
Seat 7 $800 limps $30
Seat 8 $2500 limps $30
Seat 9 folds
ME Q9clubs Seat 1 $1500 limps $30
Seat 2 $2169 limps $30
Seat 3 Dealer $1465 limps $30
Seat 4 SB $1200 completes $15
Seat 5 BB $1300 limps $30
Pot $210
FLOP 9 Q 6, heart, spade, spade.....I have Top Two Pair
Seat 4 SB checks
Seat 5 BB bets out $90
Seat 7 calls $90
Seat 8 raise $180
ME Seat 1........fold, will explain later
Seat 2 fold
Seat 3 fold
seat 4 fold
Seat 5 completes to $180
Seat 7 completes to $180
Pot is growing, but i'm out so i'm just going to run this out
Turn Ace of something red (not spade)
Couple people bet
River 3 of something red (not spade)
I think Seat 5 was all in for about $800 and
Seat 7 called with remaining $200 and
Seat 8 folded really late

Seat 5 lost with like an K9 off suit and
Seat 7 won with Q5 off suit

*Here's my thought when i folded. I thought i was up against either trips 6 or trips 9 as there were lots of limpers. I also was sure i was up against a spade draw. I had what i thought was a great Top Two Pair, and if i also had a flush draw i would have stayed. Turns out i had over estimated my opponents in this micro stakes SNG. Seat 5 loved his second pair King kicker and Seat 7 loved his top pair no kicker (maybe both were bluffing early). I'm certain Seat 8 was the spade draw and just stayed in too long.

Long story short.....i probably should have come over the top on the flop Seat 8 raise and then may have be up against only a weak Q and a flush draw that didn't make and i would have won a nice early pot.

What would you have done?!

Thanks for reading!


7 months ago

You play like I play - which is - you focus on the very best hands your opponents could have and fold winning hands. I have folded hands based on erroneous assumptions about my opponent's two cards.

A raise to $180 by seat 8 could mean trips but equally likely it means AQ or KR or QJ or even two spades. He's the third to act after two callers and he's making a minimum raise...

Besides, if you have top two pair - you have a chance of making a full house - which means you can clean up on trip sixes, trip nines, and spade flushes. In any case - reraise to $500 or more (2/3rd of pot) and make those pesky flush draws pay to see another card!

You can't limp with two pair since you're allowing everyone to keep playing flush draws or hunt for trips.

( I play way too much limit poker and this hand is played out like a game of limit poker..)


7 months ago

Thanks for the thoughts; yeah, i think i'll re-raise next time to see where i stand and get some more info from the table. Thanks!