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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


There Will Be A New Irish Open Champion

We did not catch the action but can confirm that the last remaining Irish Open champion has been eliminated from the field here on day 2. Kevin Vandersmissen won the main event in 2012, but ...

wpt 11 Hard Rock Hollywood Florida


by Leif  |  Published Feb 05, 2013


Was anxious to get out of the poker rooms locally and play an wpt event. Found my self in a pool of players once there. 940 players was the final count of players in the $350 event $250.000 gtd. I was happy to have made it in on day 1b and coudl take a day to relax and watch the grind going on. I was hoping for 180-220k in day 2 starting chips but pleased with 145k. I had played tight the first day, tighter than I ever played before. The game is vastly different then local tournaments for sure. I am happy to say my reading skills truly were on top and that playing with much better players than me at home had paid off.
I was seated with players of aggressive playing styles for sure. Once in the money I could loosen up a bit more and try to play a wider hand selection. Not until 35 players remained did I start to get some momentum with cards and chips. I made some big folds out of position and would have lost with qq to AK but did make 2 big mistakes. The first came when a short stack raised my qj suited ai with 125k. I had 400k and took a chance read him as weak but he had 88. The 88 held up and just 2 hands later I called of another 150k with aq to short ai with ak and he held. I was a bit worried blinds were now at 8000/16000
and had fallen to 350k. I was in early position with 33 and just called when midlle aggressive player raised minimum fold to me and I called. Flop came 64q I checked and he checked . turn came a 3 I min bet half pot and he called river came 8 I bet out 60k he instantly raised to 300k. I though for a minute and then called and won. I was then moved to another table after full day at the same table.
I continued to only play premium hands top 4 and layed down 100 to 99 pre to aggro and aq to a2 and ak a2 held with a 2 on flop .
I think th efolds got me on to the hand were I had kq and k of heart. I raised pre and got called by super aggro.
Flop came hhc I checked he bet called. Turn was another h so i bet out and he just flatted. River came a 4 heart and a q so i had k high flush and pair of q.
I bet 1/2 pot he raised me 600k and I called he showed no hand and folded stating I was a donk.
we now were down to 10 and moved to ft I had 2.150.00 and all wanted to chop.
I did not want to but it became a big thing and we decided to chop based on chip count.
I was 3rd in chip count and would get 20k 3rd place money without even play a hand at ft. Blinds were going to be 50k/100k I decided to just take the chop. But one guy would not chop unless he got the trophy and another wanted 5k more. I offered 500 and winner offered trophy to him !? he wanted another 900$ so if I gave up with 3 others some cash from my 21900 it would be done. I was now just saying na but just gave up.
By giving up the extra cash and take 20k I also gave up 3rd to become 4th with 570$ less than guy that was 4th lol.
But all in all I was happy and had a great result.
Just a 4 months ago came in as chip leader to wpt tampa and was out in 22nd on good hands to suck outs so I know what can happen.
Will now play wpt main event Friday and hope for a deep run in 750k gtd feb 8th 2013.