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bad beats who cares


by pocketaces76  |  Published Jan 30, 2013


A lot of players complaining all the time what bad beats they

had to go through in a session. A bad beat belongs to poker

they same way as the other way around when you suck out

on a better hand with the worst hand. It is a giving and taking

in poker. The focus should be on making the right decisions every

time you play. That has to be the main goal on the table each time

you sit down and play. Sure it is annoying when you have loosing

session and get a few bad beats but that’s what you have to cope

with if you want to be a professional poker player one day.

For the majority of beginners it is the big disaster when they get bad

beats because they start thinking they do something wrong with their

style of play and start to play to loose or to tight and overplay their

hands. It is absolute essential to understand from the begin the

negative site of poker as well as the positive sites. I had to go through

that of course as well when I started playing poker and I had a really

tough time in the beginning to understand that issue but after time

and some talks to poker coaches I understood the problem and now

it doesn’t bother me a bit anymore when I get a bad beat. My feelings

now when I get beat are like ok who cares focus on the next year and

make the right decision as good as you can. I read as well

a few books about the mental site of the poker game the book I

learned the most was “The mental game of poker” by Jared Tendler.

I know players that went on a really bad tilt when they had couple bad

beats for them it was that bad they even destroyed computer

equipment. That’s the worst form I think you can be as a poker player

destroying something because of a bad beat. If you think logically

about it you just lost more money because you have to replace the

destroyed equipment as well. To get used to bad beats takes time

that’s for sure it took me a couple of month actually. It is something

our emotions have to get used to and our brain has to understand

that it is a normal thing in the game. In the online poker world today it is a big

advantage if you have an edge from the begin on to go through the different limits

and being able to cope with bad beats is a big part of it.


almost 2 years ago

If you had to have talks with poker coaches to understand the basic math behind your typical bad beat, maybe you should consider trying a different profession.