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Big Brother


by 1DMNAZAROK  |  Published Jan 28, 2013


Even though I fought and killed under the USA flag in a foreign really irks me being pressed to use "Face Book" to gain entry on numerous locations on the greatest achievement since 1776, that being the internet. I say piss off on the book. It's just another tool for "Big Brother" to keep abreast of your tabs. And you can bet on it meaning if you use it, you will be bitten in the end.
Dennis Michael Nazarok
Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran
1st CAV (Airmobile) 66
173rd Airborne BDG (SEP) 67
In the end is what I'm saying is that I hope online poker stays strong.
Reason: it helps alot of us combat veterans stay out of trouble by staying on line.
God Bless Our Troops that protect for what is taken for granted.