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Whats your play ?1/2 nl cash game


by joenba1k  |  Published Jan 22, 2014


So I was playing 1/2 nl hold em and I look over and see a maniac table. Next to me so I asked to transfer. After about 20 more minutes I finally get on it. I been watching this maniac in for 1,600 dollars keep losing and pushing money like he doesn't care. After folding for about 1 hour I finally picked up JJ across from me is the maniac who straddled for 4 dollars I have a feeling it's gonna get raised I just call 4 dollars. It gets called 6 ways and back to The maniac who's in for 1600 with 250 infront he makes it 40 dollars.. Action gets folded back to me I think for 45 seconds (thinking should I push my 210 dollars now?) with everyone wondering whats taking so long to fold. I just call 40 everyone else folds, I'm outta position, flop comes king 8 6 I check he bets 40 agian I put him on a bluff. And just smooth call. Now the turn is a blank, I check he goes all in I have about 120 left I call. He flips ace king. I stood up not believing that it figures he bluffs everyone and never has anything of course he has a hand agianst me . The river is a jack that gives me a set. I play this hand so bad and I win. Amazing. Please tell me your play here??? Point of the story is never attack or go after a player it will just hurt you.


10 months ago

I would have raised, called a 3-bet, and check-folded a king-high flop. Just because he's a fish doesn't mean he doesn't know when he has a hand and his aggressive play clearly did what it was supposed to do in confusing you. In my opinion, whatever it may be worth, your mistake was more in slow playing JJ out of position and not being ready to fold them. If I play JJ that way preflop, then I'm fully prepared to check-fold the flop. However, my more likely preflop play would be to raise and then if the maniac wants to 3-bet, I just call. At a king-high flop, I'd make my standard sized bet (half pot or so) and if he raises, I fold.

No matter what, though, your play paid off and mine wouldn't have. I just wonder, what if he had 79 and flopped a draw, and you allowed him to be the aggressor into the straight? Besides that, he raised 20xBB, which I understand people do plenty of, but you've gotta take it serious to some degree.

I think my best example that is similar was when I was dealt KK and had to fold to a guy who I saw at the cashier's stand (for apparently the 3rd time in the hour) and was in every single hand with a raise since I sat down. The flop came out A23 rainbow. You might say that's an easy fold, but it's no different than a king high flop to JJ. I showed him my KK, he showed 23. So sick. I may have caught a set on the river, too, but you can make plenty of money getting called off with the nuts, I promise you.