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froff69 commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 12/11/15
I think this is a tight fold, my reasoning is this, I have a caller behind, and get shoved on by a player who doesn't have enough equity to constitute an all in bluff on a hand such as 9 10 spades (when I was ...
Dec 11, 2015
froff69 commented on Poker Hand Matchup: Vanessa Selbst vs. Shaun Deeb
i don't know y ppl think selbst is a good player, everytime i see her play on tv she seems to make some bonehead play
Jan 30, 2013
froff69 commented on BREAKING: Phil Ivey Enters the L.A. Poker Classic
If ivey has made over $15 mil in tourney eranings how could he ask for a $4 million loan?? i've never seen a million, let alone had a million, but if i had made $15 mill i would feel ashamed to ask for any kinda ...
Feb 29, 2012
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