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Tweaking the System


by dtools22  |  Published Apr 22, 2013


The following blog post all stems from one simple act of carelessness and or douchebaggery. This past Saturday night I was grinding as always. After grabbing dinner I went to put my name back on the list for a 1/2NL game. Since it was Saturday night the poker room was pretty packed and there was a sizable list, so I put my name on it and sat down on a nearby bench to read a magazine. As I shifted on the bench I felt my pants stick to its surface, someone in their infinite wisdom left a wad of gum on the bench and I now had a 5 inch long smear of it on my pants. I tried my best to get the gum off at the casino but sadly my efforts yielded little more than frustration. I was so furious about the scenario that I just left the casino entirely. Given how outrageously furious this minor nuisance caused me, I decided to take Sunday off from the grind and do some review work.

March and April are the first two months after having tweaked my game out in California. Those minor changes so far have led to very solid results. March was the most profitable month I have had in my 16 month career. I’ll do a full report in a couple of weeks for April but signs now are pointing to another month of significant improvement from the dregs I was pulling in a year ago. I’ve mentioned a few times before, the biggest priority on my list is to get to the 2/5NL game and start beating it at a solid win rate (between 5 and 10 bb per hour). With the financial success of March and April, it looks like I’ll be able to start mixing in 2/5NL by the end of May. It’s a small step in a much longer journey, but it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to finally after nearly a year and a half to finally cross that one off the list. Even if I get delayed a bit in May, the bankroll is getting 2/5NL worthy. It’s just a matter of time.

With my career trending upward, I’ve started looking into significant upgrades into my personal life. For about a year I’ve been living off of $1000 a month. At the beginning of each month I would take $1000 as bill money. That’s just barely enough to pay off my debt each month (credit cards and student loans), pay my rent, and buy food. Gas money for my car has come out of the poker money as needed and is not included in that $1000 a month. I’ve been living a Spartan life, and I’ve been enjoying it. It is part of the sacrifice of trying to build something up from nothing, whether you’re starting your own business or you’re spending 50+ hours a week in a casino, you need to pour much more of yourself into it than you would dump into any regular job. With that said, I’ve reached some limits and I’d like to improve my overall quality of life a bit. After these past couple of months it seems like the sweet spot number is $1500 a month. That takes care of gas and allows me to go out to dinner with friends, go to a movie, I can have leisure money. That also would let me pay off bigger chunks of my credit card debt each month each month and help me get that expense of my books.

This little vacation has led me to really think more about my financial standing in life and how to best improve it. My career has started trending up so now my life can do the same. I’m going to spend some time this week planning out my monthly expenses and finances more in detail. Once I finish that I’ll post my list here. Open the question up to some feedback; see if you guys find something I missed in my plans.



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