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Digging Out and Booting Up


by dtools22  |  Published Dec 20, 2012


So as I mentioned before I’ve been focusing lately on building my live roll back up to respectability, or at the very least taking some of the overbearing stress off my Atlas like shoulders. Last week I had a few monster days, 7+ buy in up swings, coupled with a few other sessions that we’re nearly as Cerberus sized but were a nice compliment putting me up nearly 24 buy ins on the week. I’m still trying to focus in on a few end of the year numbers to better set myself up for the hopefully still coming 2013, assuming that whole world ending thingy really is just a crock. I’m also rethinking my blogging and twitter presence for the coming year and making some changes to how I present myself to the poker world. With the lack of overall success over the past few years I’m getting the feeling that I’ve turned a tad whiny with some of my posts and I want to change up the mood just a tad. On top of that, text is boring, and I think I can come up with some better ways to present this blog to the masses.

This year has certainly not gone exactly as planned for me. First things first though, I went on a bit of a hot streak and I want to take my victory lap. I played 5 sessions last week and ran up a nearly $2,400 profit, all in all one of my biggest single weeks to date this year. At the start of this week I had 7 work days left in the year planned out and I wanted to try and put together another $1400 run. That would set me up with 3 months of living expenses set aside for the start of 2013. Even as poorly as this year overall has gone for me, that would be a huge feather in my cap and set me up nicely for a big surge come the end of the holiday season. I would be remiss though if I didn’t mention that this year has not gone as planned. I’ve looked over my numbers for the year, they simply aren’t that efficient. I’ve had too few really good weeks. The majority of my profitable weeks have been far below expectation. Not only were my earnings not up to snuff but I was spending a lot of money on bills in the first 6 months of this year. All that combined to put me a few tax brackets lower than I expected to be in. Even having said all of that, regardless of how the end of the year goes I’m still going to have more bill money set aside at the start of the new year than I’ve had in quite some time so I’m looking forward to just letting my bankroll grow in those first few sessions of 2013.

As far as the blog is concerned I’ve got some thoughts. Quite frankly, I want to change this bad boy up a bit. It’s been nearly 4 years to typing away and I think some changes would do everyone involved some serious good. I just recently read my first blog post on PocketFives, to see what that kid was thinking back then. As it turns out, not a whole hell of a lot has really changed. I still think about what my grandfather said to me in those last weeks before he passed away. I still feel like I’d rather take my shots while I can rather than grind life away waiting for the perfect opportunity. I still have the same passion for the game I had back then. The only real difference, I’ve got a few more battle scars now and more experience for it. And hell, THAT KID four years ago went to the Foxwoods World Poker Finals and shipped a $50,000 tourney score. If he could do it back then, I think I could swing for that fence now.

In short, there’s been a bit more pep in my step lately and with this new found energy I’m looking to make some changes. I want to change how I present myself to the poker world. I want to try and reestablish my poker success and get myself back on the path to having a long term career as a poker player. Most importantly, I want this all to be more light hearted again. Despite all the struggles 2012 has brought, and regardless of the tone of these past several months of blogs, I’m having an absolute blast doing this for a living. I’m going to try and focus more on that and less on the number crunching life forces us into.