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November Goals


by dtools22  |  Published Nov 07, 2012


Like I said in my last blog post there has been an overall positive effect on my game by doing these goal oriented posts. Last month I found that with ideas down on paper it was easier to keep focused on my game and building myself up. I missed quite a few of the benchmarks I was aiming for, but now with a little more data I think I can be better prepared for the challenges each goal provides. I’m just going to get right into the nitty gritty list this time around.

1) Build up the live poker bank roll up to $4,500 by the end of the month. Same as last month, only this time there are no really big MTTs on my radar. What I would love to do is get myself up to a viable 2/5NL roll by Christmas, which to me means between $8,000 and $10,000. One step at a time though. Last month my BR actually went backwards and I started this month off in a less than impressive fashion losing $500 out of the gate. Still, the point of these posts is to have a clear cut goal in mind and this is certainly the biggest one on my to-do list.

2) Log 35,000 hands of online poker. Last month it was 25,000 hands and I just barely squeaked that one out. However, I didn’t play nearly the kind of hours that I feel like I can devote. There was an 8 day stretch where I played zero hands online towards the end of the month and I still managed to grab my volume goal. I think with some proper planning this one is more than achievable. So far this month I’ve already logged just over 6,700 hands, so I like my chances.

3) Log 20 visits to the Foxwoods poker room this month. I dropped this one down from 25 last month. There are only so many hours in the day and I’d rather focus on putting in fewer sessions and make each one a little longer and more high quality than just taking trips to the casino over and over again. At time of writing this post, I’ve logged 3 visits so far and later today I will put in live session number 4.

4) Build up the online poker roll to $500. When I first put this goal down at the beginning of the month it seemed like with the combination of Rakeback and me seemingly turning a corner with my play that it would come in for me pretty easily. Last month I made just under $65 in Rakeback alone, plus another $15 in unlocked Carbon poker deposits. With the added volume of another 10,000 hands even a modest winning month seemed as though it would be enough to get me over the top. Then sadly my first 3 sessions resulted in a loss of $100 and a deep cut into my bankroll. Even still I think this is a possible benchmark to hit, albeit now a more remote possibility. I was in the hole for most of October before pulling it all together in the last few days of the month so I see no reason that same pattern can’t repeat itself in November.

5) Post at least 8 blogs this month. This one is more for me than it is for anyone else. These blog posts are all about time management to me. They keep me working towards something and provide a little bit more structure to my life. I realize these have become a little different over the now almost 3 years I’ve been writing them, but ultimately these posts are a way for me to open up a bit and get some of the crap out of me that builds up in your soul after 40 some weeks of really struggling to get your bankroll numbers where you’d like them to be. I’m going to try and carry a tad less angst into each blog since I know some are getting a little heavy handed.

I’m going to leave this post at that for now. As always, Twitter and Facebook are the best ways to contact me. Leave a comment below if you want, but I might not see it in a timely manner.



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