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Hurricanes, Politics, and Missed Opportunities


by dtools22  |  Published Nov 01, 2012


Well it’s officially November and I can now look back on October’s goals and start checking off what went well and what didn’t. The end of October did get a little strange for me. I found myself spending about a week researching American politics, about 85% of which was geared towards learning about all the candidates running for President in 2012. I would never call myself an activist when it comes to who takes political office in the United State, but I found myself very saddened by the state of affairs in my country. On top of all that, the mega storm Sandy turned the east coast inside out for at the very least a few hours, and in some places significantly more, October ended on a rather odd note.

Since this is a poker blog I’ll get the less relevant stuff out of the way first. Politically speaking I was pointed to this website and took a simple survey regarding the issues of the day. I was rather shocked by the results and found a candidate for president that I genuinely like, Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party nominee for president. If you want to know more about him, do a quick Google search and you’ll find several days’ worth of videos and articles to comb through. If you’re a US citizen, I recommend you take the survey, you may learn something about yourself. As far as the storm Sandy is concerned, all that happened to me was the highways were all shut down so I was hold up in my apartment. Never lost power, so I just grinded online for most of the day. I lucked out there for sure since I know a lot of people that still don’t have power days later.

Ok, now to the business at hand. It’s time for me to own up to my goals for October. Here’s how this played out:

1) Goal: Build up the live poker bank roll up to $4500 by the end of the month.
Result: Yeah that didn’t happen. It’s not even close to be perfectly honest with you. I spent the bulk of my time at Foxwoods pretty card dead overall. I had some great spots, there were at least 3 or 4 sessions where the action was crazy. One such session there was a player that had run up his stack so much, he colored up to a $1000 chip, put it on the table, and not counting that chip he still had everyone else covered by a good $400 bucks. He was also 3 barreling 9-high so it made for an entertaining night. Sadly I go no piece of him.

2) Goal: Log 25,000 hands of online poker.
Result: I pulled this one off, even turned about a 3 buy in profit over the 25,000 hand sample. The biggest news from this is that I’ve really gotten a much better grip over my online game and I think this next month I could really get into high gear grinding on Carbon. I think it could be realistic to hit $25NL by the end of the month, with the help of rakeback of course.

3) Goal: Log 25 visits to the Foxwoods poker room this month.
Result: Fell quite a bit short, only managed 18 visits. I can realistically blame 2 of them on the hurricane since all highways in MA and CT were closed but that still leaves me 5 trips short. Just a time management issue to be honest and one I think can easily be corrected.

4) Goal: Have a strong showing at the World Poker Finals.
Result: Um…I’m really not sure. I didn’t play in any of the actual World Poker Finals events, but I did get into 3 tournaments during the series, with a fourth maybe happening this weekend. I had one deep run where I finished 3 spots shy of the money and the others just lost a few key flips to end my day. On the whole, I think I played OK not great. There were a couple of spots that could have been better, but they weren’t high profile, big decisions. That said, even the smallest hand means a lot more in an MTT so certainly some cleanup work to be done. That said I think for really not having focused on my MTT for the past year I’d say I did reasonably well for myself.

5) Goal: Build up the online poker roll to $400.
Result: Fell a tad short, finished up the month a little under $370, but I like how my game has improved and developed so I feel very positive about the upcoming months.

6) Goal: Post at least 8 blogs this month.
Result: I posted only 3, again more a time management issue and something easily fixable in my opinion.

So overall, I didn’t really live up to the standards I set forth. Having said that I’ve learned quite a bit from this little exercise and I plan on continuing in November with a similar goal mentality. This certainly does help me focus in on what exactly it is I want and the step I need to take so at the very least it’s been a constructive way to focus my efforts. I’ll post up my November goals after the weekend.



2 years ago

Can you please articulate what the Libertarian view of how we should respond to a superstorm like Sandy is?

So we have a small government and we all pay very low taxes, how great, so much freedom!!!!

But then, a hurricane and blizzard smash together and fuck up the whole East Coast. The Federal Government is going to put an estimated $100 Billion in disaster relief.

Where does that money come from in the Utopian Libertarian society? In a libertarian society the government is tiny and doesn't have much money, because we are all free to not pay taxes.

So how does a small, scaled down government provide $100B in relief money?

I guess we just let everyone die and say they should have looked out for themselves and get out of the storms path?

Never mind how we pay for roads, bridges, schools, fire fighters, cops, teachers, keeping food safe, keeping the power on, subsidizing our energy costs, our military, medicare and SS to keep old people out or poverty, our elections.

Lets just focus right now on how a small, Libertarian government responds to a storm that kills 100 people, leaves 10 million families without power, and requires $100B to return the area back to any sense or normalcy.

Turning our current strong central government into a small Libertarian goverment would turn us into a country that responds to OTHER countries disasters, to one that isn't even capable of responding to OUR OWN.


2 years ago

I just want to add that many poker players are Libertarians, because they consider themselves self sufficient.

In the reality of our modern society, the only truly self sufficient people have their own land, build their own houses, kill their own food, and make their own clothes. If you can do all that, society going to shit really wouldn't effect you that much.

If you make money in any kind of business then you arent self sufficient. You are dependent on customers, which means some semblance of a stable economy. You also need roads, bridges, internet, police protection, etc.

No customers means no sales. No bridges or roads means no one can get to you. No police means you have to hire your own private security force.

Poker players aren't tied to the world any less than anyone else. You couldn't drive to a casino without a road. You couldn't play online with a reliable connection in a 3rd world country. You wouldn't have an opponent if no one had work.

I know people like to point to the whole Black Friday thing. Obv I wish it didn't happen, but does anyone doubt the industries need for regulation? We had the second biggest company running without our funds on hand and we were totally ignorant to that fact. Picture how that ends with no government involvement.

Do Howard and Ray sell the company and leave themselves with nothing????Hell no, if it weren't for pending DOJ charges, they loot the company and run away, leaving us with nothing.


2 years ago

Hmm...I really don't want to turn this into a political post. I'm a poker player, I'll probably never be a politician, and any notion of me pretending to the contrary in this comment would just be silly.

Having said that here's some of what I believe:

0) I would NOT call myself a Libertarian. I happen to be voting for one this time around, a man who also ran in the GOP primary this year as a presidential candidate. He's been a republican his whole career until now so I wouldn't exactly say my supporting him makes me some radical Libertarian.

1) You mentioned taxes. I think President Obama's pitch, "We're going to ask the wealthy to pay a little more" is ridiculous. You are literally penalizing someone with a higher tax rate because they are more successful. Should they pay less in taxes, no that's wrong too, but this idea that the federal government has the right to tax someone based on income in general is silly. What should be taxed is OUTPUT. Sales tax, property tax, these are examples of someone turning their income into output. That is what the federal government should be taxing, not take home pay.

2) As far as disaster relief I think you're very wrong about Libertarian beliefs. A libertarian, at least Gov Johnson's version, believes the federal government has a responsibility to protect the citizens of the country. That would include natural disasters. No one is suggesting that relief groups like FEMA get cut, the suggestion is that maybe we should stop building embassies in countries that clearly don't like or want us.

3) The infrastructure things you mentioned, roads, bridges, schools, police, etc, is there a specific reason each state can't pay for their own construction and public work force?

4) My political belief really has very little to do with poker, and I agree with your point about being truly self sufficient. My logic is that I want more than just a two party system. I want more voices and opinions heard, not less. I think this idea that democrat or republican are the only philosophies we can handle as a country is simply wrong.