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Revisiting My Goals


by dtools22  |  Published Oct 17, 2012


Earlier this month I laid out some goals that I would like to achieve by the end of October. With the month now roughly half in the books I think this is a good time to take some inventory of what I’ve been up to and try to paint a clear picture for myself of where I need to go from here. I feel like this post is going to be a lot more self-serving than most. As I type this now I really don’t know what I want to say about each goal, only that they exist and I want to talk about each of them for a bit.

1) Build up the live poker bank roll up to $4500 by the end of the month. Regardless of how the tournaments go for me I should be able to achieve this. The poker room should be full of action and I’ll be able to get into some great cash games as people take that tilting walk from the tournament room downstairs to “get their buy in back” at the cash tables.

Yeah this one is dragging quite a bit. It’s been a really slow month for me so far and I don’t mean just from a financial standpoint. The first two weeks’ worth of sessions was a war of attrition. I went through a roughly 25 hour stretch over three sessions where the biggest pot I won or lost was around $120, and it was the only one of its kind. It was mainly a slow bleed too. I did have one session in that mix where I finished up around $270 playing 1/2NL during a 12 hour grind fest where I showed down 1 hand for the last 6-7 hours of play. I don’t think it’s me, upon reviewing some hands and some situations from these past sessions it feels like I’m playing at a pretty high level. I’ve gotten a little restless at times given the grind I’ve been going through but I’ve identified that an am working on correcting it so I think I’m fine there. Just need to pick up some run good on my way to the casino on the next few trips.

2) Log 25,000 hands of online poker. Monetarily speaking I don’t know what to expect just yet for myself putting in this kind of volume. This goal is more strictly about getting the experience under my belt and see how much of a strain that puts on me.

I have logged to this point in the month about 12,800 hands, and I am right now sitting at +$5.50ish. Not exactly tearing it up on the virtual felt but I have gotten a lot sharper with my play. I’ve been noticing some holes in the games of the regular grinders of the $10NL stakes on Carbon Poker and I’ve been able to pounce on a few of them. The downside to all this is that I’ve actually run pretty hot. I’m sitting about $100 above expectation which means I haven’t been getting my money in all that good. To top it off my money won without going to showdown is trending pretty substantially negative. I don’t think that’s uncommon at $10NL, since the games are pretty weak on balance and you’re going to do your fair share of bet/folding, but I’d like to at least stop it from being a sieve on my bankroll online. As far as the stress put on my game, it’s a little different than I was expecting to be honest. I get more outwardly angry and frustrated playing online than I ever do live. It’s something I need to spend some time on. I need to work on my mentality while I’m playing. Just focus on making good decisions rather than winning money. In a 2 hour session I’m going to play nearly 1000 hands, getting mad about any one of them is just silly.

3) Log 25 visits to the Foxwoods poker room this month. I’ve been taking things easy since the NFL season started. I don’t really want to play on Sundays when I’m neck deep in fantasy football and pick’em pools and I’ve been taking Monday and Tuesday off as well to spend some time with my family. Everyone is a bit busier during the month of October so I’ll have my earlier weekdays free to cram in more action in my new found spare time.

I’m a little behind on this one, only 9 trips through 15 days. I do plan on spending the next 7 days at the casino now that the World Poker Finals have started up. I’ve got some birthday parties with family and friends as well as concerts and football tickets after this 7 day stretch. There will be plenty of time to rest after the week is through.

4) Have a strong showing at the World Poker Finals. This doesn’t mean I need to win one of the events I play in, although that would certainly qualify. I’m more just looking to put in some performances I can hang my hat on. Tournaments are too fluky to say you need to win one to feel vindicated in your profession, as a player there’s just too much that’s out of your control. What I want to do is be able to look back and say I did everything I could to prepare and that I performed as best I could.

My first event will be the $400 NLHE event on this Thursday. Wish me luck!

5) Build up the online poker roll to $400. Like I said above, I don’t know what to realistically expect from my online poker grinding. What I’d like to be able to do is start grinding the $25NL games, which requires a bankroll between $500 and $600 as a starting point. With rakeback adding to my bottom line I think I could pull a rabbit out of my hat and end up grinding $25NL before October is through, but I’m going to set this bar a tad lower than that just in case I’m not turning into online poker’s next Zeus.

Largely thanks to rakeback my bankroll sits now at a little over $310 dollars. As I mentioned above there are some things I need to clean up about my online performance so far this month. I’m losing money too quickly in non-showdown hands and my expected value for the month has never been a positive number. Some food for thought as I continue to charge through this month.

6) Post at least 8 blogs this month. I actually added this goal in after I had finished typing the rest of this post up. I’ve been getting lazy with regards to creating these each week. For some reason I feel like I had a lot more to talk about in the earlier years. Whatever the reason was, it needs to stop and I need to keep this updated on a regular basis. If for no other reason than to have posted a public record of my goals and progress to make sure I can be held accountable for what I do and don’t achieve. And maybe even post the occasional brag or two :).

This post is number 3 on the month, but most of the really interesting stuff was going to happen over the next couple of weeks if at all so I’ve got plenty of time to start dumping gas on the fire.

That just about covers things for me, overall I’d say I’m a little further behind on these goals that I’d like to be and I need to spend more time with my nose to the grindstone. I had planned on more progress being made during the latter half of the month than would happen during the onset. Only one way to find out!



2 years ago

You should be able to spot plenty of leaks in regs' games at 10NL. some of your nonSD losses may be due to the increased rake, but you should be able to handread very well, fold less often and bluff a bit more to minimize this and maybe even get into the positive.


2 years ago

I've noticed the aggression at these stakes is a bit hallow. People are eager to 3bet, but even a min 4bet usually gets people off the majority of their range. Also bear in mind that yeah this is $10NL so play is poor, but not as poor as it will be on Stars which has a MUCH larger player pool and Carbon, so you're going to see a lot of the same faces and it's clear that a few of them are using software like I am with HUDs and other information readily available.


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