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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


New Pay Jump

With the elimination of Sammer Singh as the 16th place finisher, the remaining 15 players have secured another pay-jump. Those left will leave with no less than €6,850. 16th: Sameer Singh – €5,550 17th: Jesse ...


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TommyKGB commented on Police In 'Riot Gear' Raid Poker Game With $0 Buy-In
It's incredible that the moronic and idiotic "law enforcement officials" in Florida think that this is the best use of their resources. Given all the serious crime that goes on, this is what the local Gestopo thought was worth an investigation that "had been ongoing ...
Oct 28, 2012
TommyKGB commented on Mike Sexton Talks About Stu Ungar and Poker’s Past
Allow me to interject on the subject gentlemen. For those who would like to know more about Stuey, I highly recomend Nolan Dalla's book, "One of a Kind". Absolutely tremendous. You'll laugh, you might even cry, but you won't be able to put it down.
Nov 05, 2009
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