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L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 4/3/14
I'm pretty much always re-raising here pre flop. I'd like to see him make it 60k to go. Sometimes you are going to win a nice little side pot right there. The last thing you want is a trash hand outflopping your made hand so ...
Apr 04, 2014
L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 3/13/14
With this big of a lead, I'm never, EVER folding here. It could be Phil Ivey and Phil Helmuth in the hand I don't care. The only thing that would be bad is a chop between the two other players. I don't mean to be ...
Mar 13, 2014
L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand Of The Week: 1/30/14
I think it is 100% fold given the info at hand. We don't have extensive background info or a history of play on any of the players apparently so we can't deduce anything there. The initial raiser making it 17 to go is pretty standard ...
Jan 30, 2014
L2K4FC commented on Rounders Sequel 'Going To Be Instantaneous'
I don't see how it isn't a slam dunk if you have Damon and Norton on board. What's the hold up? They are far bigger stars now as opposed to when Rounders was filmed.
Dec 18, 2013
L2K4FC commented on What’s Your Play? Coping With Lead Bets
...."less the strongest 5% or so that he’d 3-bet.".. If your read on him is accurate then he would have re-raised pre flop if he held Ax hands, well maybe not all Ax,but at least A10~ AK and big pairs.. Taken with the fact that ...
Dec 09, 2013
L2K4FC commented on Poker Pro Fends Off Two Robberies In One Day
GG Eric Riley. Probably not a +EV move jumping out of a moving car while being detained by guys with guns but we all have to go with our gut sometimes!
Dec 02, 2013
L2K4FC commented on Review: Secrets of Tournament Poker Volume 1 by Jonathan Little
I read the full review. This, "By this logic, you should just raise half your stack every time you open, then you’ll always be priced in to call a shove. Easy game!" made me "lol". Maybe there is another explanation though. Maybe there are too ...
Nov 21, 2013
L2K4FC commented on Dusty Schmidt: This Is My Brain, This Is My Brain On Poker
If you push yourself too hard in any arena, or lose balance in life then you are going to encounter what is known as dis ease. It has nothing to do with poker per say, and everything to do with an imbalance of work, stress, ...
Feb 19, 2013
L2K4FC commented on Phil Ivey Makes Mind-Boggling Play At No-Limit Deuce-To-Seven Triple Draw
I had to look it up. Now I'm lmao!! Good call.
Feb 13, 2013
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