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L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 2/5/16
At this stage of the game I'm thinking that having 35 ish BB left allows me to check call the turn and re-evaluate on the river. Maybe even check fold the turn depending on my history with the player and what my read on him ...
Feb 05, 2016
L2K4FC commented on Joe McKeehen Leads Final Six In 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table
I've never been in a poker hand that lasted 10 minutes. I didn't tune in to watch but sure as hell won't now. Sounds boring.
Nov 09, 2015
L2K4FC commented on Nevada: DFS Sites Need Sports Betting Licenses
And today I get an email saying StarsDraft has closed up operations in most states including mine in CA. Hey Congress get OUT of my business! Pathetic, incompetent, over paid, ego maniacs. Now I can't play poker or fantasy sports online??!!
Oct 19, 2015
L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 10/8/15
4 handed I'm not defending my blind in this situation and with this hand in particular. The shortest stack has about 17 big blinds left. I'm looking to pick him off or watch him bust. What I'm not looking to do is just defend my ...
Oct 09, 2015
L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 10/2/15
Folding face up? Is he saying steal my blinds from here on out? Please put pressure on me at every opportunity? Or is he saying let me re-write my table image? I'm not that good but I'd like a bigger raise pre. I'm probably betting ...
Oct 02, 2015
L2K4FC commented on My Two Mistakes from WSOP 2015
Do you have any idea how stupid and bitter you sound? You don't like DN, great. You can't harp on his record or chalk it up to luck without sounding delusional.
Jul 17, 2015
L2K4FC commented on Man Wins $1.5 Million On NJ Online Gaming Site
Its not video poker, it was Let It Ride. Fun game. I was dealt 4 Kings once first hand sitting down in Vegas but i'm not smart enough to play $500 per bet. I had $15 out and was paid $750. Gave $100 back and ...
Feb 24, 2015
L2K4FC commented on Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little: Tough River Situation
A more aggressive line definitely fixes this problem IF the kid really is TAG and IF you do it on the flop. Question: when you are check raising, what are you trying to accomplish?
Feb 23, 2015
L2K4FC commented on Poker Hand of the Week: 2/13/15
Wow - way to choke lol. Limping in h/u was a complete fail. Lets run it as the following scenarios instead: SB raises his 66 to 180,000- BB folds pre SB raises his 66 to 180,000- BB calls SB bets 2/3 or full pot on ...
Feb 13, 2015
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