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25 Jul 23:43

Shaun Deeb (@shaundeeb)

Love getting bottle Service in bars that don't sell bottles


25 Jul 23:19

Daniel Alaei (@dalaei)

@suddenlybryce thanks. That tracks the net result in the log?


25 Jul 23:17

Dan Heimiller (@danheimiller)

I overlooked that Ukrane stuff, but this means WAR! Russia’s takes aim at McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish via @washingtonpost


25 Jul 23:05

Christian Harder (@realcharder30)

@daviddaman2 gausman is a stud in the making too.


25 Jul 22:39

Todd Brunson (@toddbrunson)

Gonna go play darts at the usual place


25 Jul 22:34

Katie Dozier (@Katie_Dozier)

@kepplel good luck!


25 Jul 21:38

William Reynolds (@reynoldsxo)

As soon as they think I'm slipping I prove I'm peaking #MeVsTheWorld #MtCharleston #PeakGrinding


25 Jul 20:52

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

@johneamespoker: @amfrankenberger I only get PTSD from all the money I lose at WSOP every year < at least we ran it twice :)


25 Jul 20:51

Tom Schneider (@DonkeyBomber)

“@rockytalkystick: He puts on a brave face in public, but @donkeybomber went crazy after he got home from Vegas.


25 Jul 20:44

Bruno Politano (@foster18)

“@caiomachado23: Vamooooo Caioooo!! Ve se a turma nao me enjoa hoje :)


25 Jul 20:35

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)

RT @michelleisawolf: They should have a football player monopoly piece. That way when you got a go to jail card you could be like, "no. I'm…


25 Jul 20:33

Matt Stout (@mattstoutpoker)

@jeffmadsenobv @degenomad I'll take the under on 47 seconds.


25 Jul 20:30

Greg Mueller (@GregFBT)

Not good to bet the angels and the over when the tigers pitcher has a perfect game goin heading into the 5th... #DrawingDeadinAnaheim #fb


25 Jul 20:19

Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree)

Santa Monica sunset


25 Jul 20:15

Randal Flowers (@RandALLin)

@jake11291 Lovin the profile pic/aggro intro combo

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