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Poker Tweets from Professional Poker PlayersTwitter-bird


16 Apr 22:14

Paul Volpe (@paulgees81)

@realcharder30 beyond


16 Apr 22:11

Christian Harder (@realcharder30)

@paulgees81 ya seat 7


16 Apr 21:53

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

@jon_lensch there are some restaurants in LA I'm dying to try thanks Jon


16 Apr 21:15

John Juanda (@LuckBoxJuanda)

Hmmm so you went to @pizzastrada w/out telling me? RT @buddhajpn: @luckboxjuanda eating good pizza guess where im at!


16 Apr 20:50

Melanie Weisner (@melanieweisner)

@penoyer79 @quickburn619 @bel0wab0ve I feel like no one has had a bush in ten years!


16 Apr 20:37

Shannon Shorr (@shannonshorr)

RT @scotthanson: No man has ever risen to spiritual manhood until he has found it's finer to serve someone else than it is to serve himself…


16 Apr 20:03

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

Just finished one of the most enjoyable interviews I've ever done with @remkomedia looking forward to see how it's received.Old school stuff


16 Apr 19:48

Chris Moorman (@Moorman1)

So I just went to save a long notepad document and it crashed on me and now says 'Not Responding' any1 got a save fix please? #Helpmeplease


16 Apr 19:38

Jean-Robert Bellande (@BrokeLivingJRB)

Suk it @danbilzerian! I mean thanks for the ride? #brokelivingvsrichliving @ Signature Airport


16 Apr 19:36

Dennis Phillips (@Dennis_Phillips)

Finally some common sense! "Three Years after Black Friday, the Time is Right for PokerStars to Enter the US Market" Please pass on!


16 Apr 19:33

Ben Lamb (@BenbaLamb)

@tkarn421 played that infinite growing up haha


16 Apr 19:23

Brent Hanks (@Bhanks11)

@chrisz019 @ultimatepokernv Nice! Kick their ass, especially @reynoldsxo and @uscphildo !


16 Apr 19:14

Todd Terry (@toddbterry)

@realcharder30 Are you playing in the Ladies Event?


16 Apr 19:09

Erik Seidel (@Erik_Seidel)

@jeffkimberpoker Ha, don't worry Jeff, maker is European. @fikanyc


16 Apr 18:59

Jennifer Harman (@REALJenHarman)

RT @michaelboychuck: My teams at @colorsalonlv and @lifesalonlv are the best in #Vegas. Visit them for all of your hair and beauty needs. h…

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