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24 Apr 02:25

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

Made it to nice now waiting for my helicopter ride compliments of @pokerstarsvip #EPTMonaco


24 Apr 01:46

Justin Bonomo (@JustinBonomo)

Playing the EPT Monte Carlo 100k SHR today. Flew to Europe yesterday and got 10 hours of sleep last night. successkid.jpg


23 Apr 23:37

Kevin Saul (@BeL0WaB0Ve)

@mikunbelievable wsop circuit, 580 tomorrow, main event Friday


23 Apr 23:32

Jeff Madsen (@JeffMadsenobv)

shoutout to @lynngilmartin the mindset guru in my book


23 Apr 23:28

Jason Somerville (@JasonSomerville)

@silverg00se was hoping to sleep thru the night and stream tomorrow #failure


23 Apr 22:12

Phil Hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth)

At end of Day 2 in #WPTChampionship, 328 started, 68 remain. I have 54,000, ave 241,000. Not sure I crested 150K, but FIGHTING! #MANUP


23 Apr 21:37

Scott Seiver (@scott_seiver)

550k top 5 in chips end of day 2


23 Apr 21:28

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)


23 Apr 21:22

Chris Moorman (@Moorman1)

@brettrichey @katelinds @jasonkoon That will teach me for skipping the gym!


23 Apr 21:15

Matt Stout (@mattstoutpoker)

@pokerlifeisruff @lindleyloo I could find many worse spots to get roofied. ;)


23 Apr 20:51

Brent Hanks (@Bhanks11)

@andrewp97 It's not! Fillmore is where I grew up---town has a blinking light and that's it. Played in a bar league with the guy!


23 Apr 20:50

Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka)

@jordancuz i know better than to miss that :) I'm not playing the $1 mil but in (unless somone wants to stake me on it) & missin a random 1k


23 Apr 20:38

Amit Makhija (@amak316)

Second* AA of the tournament. Forgot about one time.


23 Apr 20:31

Christian Harder (@realcharder30)

@johnea6 one of your best tweets chirp.

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