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01 Sep 18:12

Bruno Politano (@foster18)

“@thiagocamilo21: @foster18 nao quer deixar nada p/ os pobres mortais mesmo ne?” Kkkkk n sou eu q cravo corrida do milhao todo ano n patrão!


01 Sep 18:06

Marvin Rettenmaier (@madmarvin)

RT @thetweetofgod: For me the nice thing about orgasms is that when people have them, they usually give Me a shout-out.


01 Sep 17:43

Scott Seiver (@scott_seiver)

Counterargument is that rules state pay 3; however tournament played as if 2 paid and all play decisions made as such. That takes precedent


01 Sep 17:30

David Baker (@DMBakes)

@mazeorbowie @dipthrong @dougpolkpoker @kevmath @scott_seiver I think Doug just has it a little twisted


01 Sep 17:26

Tristan Wade (@tristancre8ive)

RT @bp22: Police Punishment: NYPD followed civilian complaint board's judgments in just 10% of cases in 2012. via @w


01 Sep 17:21

Katie Dozier (@Katie_Dozier)

@unflattering tonight I made spaghetti squash noodles with cauliflower puree sauce and braised short ribs! :)


01 Sep 17:20

Josh Arieh (@golferjosh)

Fkd up situation in my 1st 100k. Play stops after 5 hrs. I guarantee if I were chip leader I wouldn't bitch enuff to get it back in my favor


01 Sep 17:20

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

RT @fmanjoo: I’ve never heard anyone respond to financial hacking by saying, Just don’t use online banking. That’s what you get for using c…


01 Sep 17:16

David Williams (@dwpoker)

@mtgaaron Vintage, Vintage and Vintage Masters Draft in Paper.


01 Sep 17:11

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

@dwpoker @msalsberg @americanair @gogo I would be more concerned with wasting 30 minutes trying to get it to work.


01 Sep 17:05

Padraig Parkinson (@padraig888)

RT @888poker: RT New blog post by @padraig888: A TRUE IRISH HERO AND AN “ITALIAN” KAMIKAZE MISSION #poker #pokerblog


01 Sep 16:58

Jake Schindler (@Jake__Schindler)

RT @fees88: What the hell, how are they going to change the payout structure once the tournament has started?!?! @golferjosh @klink10k @jak


01 Sep 16:56

Gregory Merson (@gregmerson)

@fees88 this is really shitty situation, I can't even pick a side as I agree with both of you and Scott


01 Sep 16:43

Joe Hachem (@JosephHachem)

Ok here it is ppl Online registration for all ten WSOP APAC bracelet events open now @crownpoker @wsop #wsopapac


01 Sep 16:34

Scott Clements (@BigRiskky)

@dwpoker it's a bummer they moved there tourney to conflict(I may be wrong about moving it). But yes

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