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26 Apr 17:00

Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka)

“@ilivepoker:what's in Chicago?”amazing restaurants, bars, jazz, people, & Bulls :) AirBnBs i book here are closest thing to a home I have


26 Apr 16:57

Bertrand Grospellier (@elkypoker)

RT @adamsmith1860: @elkypoker @twitch really enjoying the stream find myself rooting for a suck out every hand for the post -suckout elky …


26 Apr 16:46

Randal Flowers (@RandALLin)

Can't spell craps without raps am I right?


26 Apr 16:29

Christian Harder (@realcharder30)

@ddeoxyribo @justinbonomo not to me


26 Apr 16:28

Gavin Smith (@oleGSmith)

This is what 2 nights in a row drinking causes! #oldmanbrunson


26 Apr 16:27

Shaun Deeb (@shaundeeb)

@unflattering @chadaholloway @phil_hellmuth @pokernighttv @pokernews I only did one of those things hint the less douchey thing


26 Apr 16:06

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

Playing the biggest online tournament in Nevada. Watch to see me try to make a dollar out of 15 cents #literally


26 Apr 16:04

Phil Hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth)

So proud of my son Phillip!! He put it in w A-A in this 1.1 million chip pot! And finished 20th: well played


26 Apr 16:00

J.C. Tran (@jctran23)

Is it true about Jon Jones? Hope it's not cuz that's some serious stuff.


26 Apr 15:59

Mike Sexton (@MikeSexton_WPT)

That's nice Peter. Thx! Did you get a picture of my empty seat when I busted out? ???? #irishopen


26 Apr 15:50

Allen Kessler (@allenkessler)

Blinded down to 14bb shipped qjdd utg; got to sb @davidtuthill who woke up with jacks. Flopped a diamond turned another one but bricked. Gg.


26 Apr 15:46

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

@wpt @antzinno @hublot congrats!!


26 Apr 15:43

Todd Brunson (@toddbrunson)

@olegsmith just asked someone how many deer he caught on his hunting trip


26 Apr 15:39

Matt Stout (@mattstoutpoker)

@thetmay get on wifi if u can. turn off 4g (go lower) if u can't. always better to play on laptop w wifi. i'll text u more info


26 Apr 15:39

Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly)

@jtillathekilla2 Better stay out of them. Lots of bad stuff happens in there.#beentheredonethat

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