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24 Jul 16:46

Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka)

Check out my #BuenosAires City guide for anyone planning a trip down to #Argentina :


24 Jul 16:34

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

@mollyoswaks stop


24 Jul 16:26

Shannon Shorr (@shannonshorr)

RT @darrenrovell: Mike Piazza found out he was drafted by mailgram. The team didn't call for a month after, his dad finally reached the tea…


24 Jul 16:09

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

@joshb123f no. Under no circumstances would I vote for a textbook sociopath


24 Jul 15:52

Jason Mercier (@JasonMercier)

@luscious_lon congrats !!


24 Jul 15:35

Bertrand Grospellier (@elkypoker)

@electricalizee yeah hopefully I don't turn like this #Mau5 haha. Or not too soon !


24 Jul 15:29

Sorel Mizzi (@sorelmizzi)

RT @brothersosborne: For real tho. Medical Marijuana States See Big Drop in Drug Prescriptions and Medicare Spending


24 Jul 15:21

Kevin MacPhee (@KevinMacphee)

@catehall but ya I am sure you have your reasons. I have respect for you, but I'm sure it gets exhausting fighting all of these battles...


24 Jul 15:11

David Benefield (@dwbenefield)

@erikvoorhees any suggestions for study material?


24 Jul 15:10

David Williams (@dwpoker)

@kaibudde @thathawkwardguy @lsv I think the confusion was you said you'd pay Sphinx meaning strix. Sphinx already in.


24 Jul 15:10

Mike Matusow (@TheMouthMatusow)

I think I'm gonna join you on that also Doyle it is very obvious


24 Jul 14:42

Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly)

I think I'm retiring from talking about politics. This choice of who to vote for is so obvious.#autoblockbeginning


24 Jul 14:40

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

@chilligirl13 I'm coming up tomorrow to hit the lake and the links. Let's party.


24 Jul 14:25

Bernard Lee (@bernardleepoker)

Having fun playing poker @windycitypoker w/ two of Chicago's finest - @ronmagersabc7 & @richardroeper


24 Jul 14:24

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)

@hdtgm do you have a Casper code that's live?

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