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24 Nov 13:58

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)

@devopoker good thing you're not brown!


24 Nov 13:40

Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly)

RT @danefury: @texdolly @mikecaro read them eveyday. And Mike always responds to questions/comments. Still got it Mike.


24 Nov 13:38

Marcel Luske (@MarcelLuske)

@matskooo morgen MCOP Amsterdam dus,, over n paar dagen,, thx DTD ging moeizaam. 1 min cash.3 keer in AA met KK was oops.oops. oops.Amen;)


24 Nov 13:31

Bryan Devonshire (@devopoker)

@twkftw Checkpoint on I-8 East of Yuma. I bet it be a diff story at border, but I had neither then.


24 Nov 13:01

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

RT @slate: This hilarious conspiracy theory reveals the secret 9/11 subtext of Pitch Perfect:


24 Nov 12:49

David Sands (@Doc_Sands)

@fees88 nice job making that pay jump Ryan.


24 Nov 12:22

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

@johncting thanks for sharing!


24 Nov 12:12

Shannon Shorr (@shannonshorr)

@rschaap12 One hour is standard.


24 Nov 12:04

Gregory Merson (@gregmerson)

@avirubin glad you had a good time man, hope all is well.


24 Nov 11:43

Gavin Smith (@oleGSmith)

@david901diaz @shannonshorr @spa_ovarium just make sure you find a right handed one lefty!


24 Nov 11:24

Chris Moorman (@Moorman1)

RT @pokervines: The moment @moorman1 watches Arsenal go 1-0 down against Man Utd, clearly he's not read @jaredtendler 's MentalGame https:…


24 Nov 11:22

Jason Somerville (@JasonSomerville)

@buttermilk_01 working on it currently and doing my best to get everyone at least 6 weeks notice this time!


24 Nov 10:58

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

RT @pokerlistings: There are a lot of reasons @realkidpoker is a #success in life and #poker. Goal setting is a huge one, though http://t.c…


24 Nov 10:47

Victoria Coren (@VictoriaCoren)

RT @jonawils: If you enjoyed seeing me fail to identify dragons last time, be sure to watch @onlyconnectquiz again tonight. BBC2 2030.


24 Nov 10:39

Sorel Mizzi (@sorelmizzi)

@bighuni bustoo

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