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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


Sameer Singh Eliminated in 16th Place (€5,550)

Sameer Singh moved all in for 103,000 from middle position and was called by Robert Murphy from the big blind. It was off to the races as Singh showed A10 and Murphy tabled 88. The ...

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Poker Tweets from Professional Poker PlayersTwitter-bird


20 Apr 10:58

Vanessa Selbst (@VanessaSelbst)

@liv_boeree yeah it's crap, where are you now? are you playing?


20 Apr 10:58

Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree)

@vanessaselbst we were about to come over there to play, is it no good?


20 Apr 10:40

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

Check me out @pokerstars all day today playing the big Sunday tourneys. Search for KidPoker in the lobby


20 Apr 10:33

Bryan Devonshire (@devopoker)

@docturra Nope found owner tho.


20 Apr 10:16

Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka)

@mattstoutpoker awesome thanks


20 Apr 10:15

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

@bdub100 yeah considered but couldn't work it into a tweet. There are only so many characters.


20 Apr 10:03

Victor Ramdin (@victorramdin)

Sold out Gl to all my investors !


20 Apr 09:57

Victoria Coren (@VictoriaCoren)

Down to three!!! 556 players down to 3. Prize money over €200,000 now. And I'm still here. #EPTsanremo


20 Apr 09:56

Vanessa Rousso (@VanessaRousso)

@balenblanc what do I have to do to DJ this event next year?!? #iHeartBalEnBlanc


20 Apr 09:35

Mike Sexton (@MikeSexton_WPT)

Oh here we go, they're at it again. It's time to play, who's gonna win? #WPTchampionship #Borgata Apr 21-26 Happy Easter!


20 Apr 09:30

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

Goooooo @victoriacoren !!!! #EPTLive


20 Apr 09:30

Matt Stout (@mattstoutpoker)

HAPPY EASTER! Had to make a pit stop omw to Mom's for dinner & Borgata for @wpt $15k #BECAUSEITSTHECUP & #IBLEEDBLUE!


20 Apr 09:24

Jeff Madsen (@JeffMadsenobv)

today is one of the best holidays! it signifies when Jesus was reborn and then lit up a fat blunt with his disciples


20 Apr 09:21

Ryan Riess (@ryanriess1)

HAPPY EASTER!!! Flying to Jersey to ship the World Championship #2for2 #LFG


20 Apr 09:21

Katie Dozier (@Katie_Dozier)

@phrumpleton @talonchick Aw, thanks! Happy Easter to you too! :)

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