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26 Nov 03:28

Jeff Madsen (@JeffMadsenobv)

times like these -- everything feels important -- for no reason at all


26 Nov 03:09

Padraig Parkinson (@padraig888)

Upside to not drinking is you re her everything .Downside to not drinking is you remember everything


26 Nov 01:55

Joe Hachem (@JosephHachem)

RT @derpey: Japanese prank shows are insane!


26 Nov 00:10

Jorryt van Hoof (@jorryt_van_hoof)

RT @mcop: 2014 MCOP €4,000 Main Event: 227 players & 71 re-entries. Late registration & re-entry till 2 pm today. Start second day at 2pm.


26 Nov 00:09

Gavin Smith (@oleGSmith)

@richardroeper sounds exciting to me, wait does that sound right?


26 Nov 00:00

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)

Agggg, listened to We Have Concerns already, now I don't have anything to listen to on my drive from work @acarboni @jeffcannata Help!


25 Nov 23:01

Adam Levy (@Roothlus)


25 Nov 22:17

Greg Mueller (@GregFBT)

.@michelleszulc fantastic job on both anthems tonite! U had a tough act 2 follow and nailed it! @jt_whizkid was smitten in the crowd! #2Good


25 Nov 22:12

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

@kevinpollak ooooh! I have no idea! Have your peeps talk to those peeps


25 Nov 21:09

William Pappaconstantinou (@mastapapz)

@j_labranche League on sundays??


25 Nov 21:09

J.C. Tran (@jctran23)

@jessefullen @sacramentokings will be a good game


25 Nov 21:04

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

@yazpoker: @amfrankenberger you forgot me! Lol << haha no way! Hope you got home safely


25 Nov 20:31

Phil Collins (@USCphildo)

"A riot is the language of the unheard." - Martin Luther King Jr


25 Nov 20:18

Tristan Wade (@tristancre8ive)

RT @jcolenc: Time to stop seeking equality in a society that is morally inferior.


25 Nov 19:58

Tom Schneider (@DonkeyBomber)

I accept virtually all FB friend requests but having trouble pulling the trigger on a guy who is topless in his profile pic.

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