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03 Aug 09:50

Adam Levy (@Roothlus)

RT @deadspin: VIDEO: We now go live to flooding in South Tampa, where...


03 Aug 09:46

Bertrand Grospellier (@elkypoker)

Alright so we are going to @gamescom Cologne from Wednesday-Sunday ! Who is gonna be there and what's best thing to do? Help please ;)


03 Aug 09:31

Mike Sexton (@MikeSexton_WPT)

Go @vincevanp_wpt! Currently 4/30 left at WPT Choctaw. Don't worry, we'll get a sub for you at FT. Get the $$$ & the title! GL!! #govinny


03 Aug 09:24

Victoria Coren (@VictoriaCoren)

@k_dogpoker Well, the hand never loses.


03 Aug 09:17

Bryan Devonshire (@devopoker)

@cityoflongmont Can we move those tornado siren tests to after checkout time? Sincerely, the scared shitless traveler in one of your hotels.


03 Aug 09:13

Steve Gross (@gborooo)

Anyone leaving Choctaw today that I could catch a ride to DFW with? My ride messed up and booked the other Dallas airport...


03 Aug 09:05

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

@zenrunner78 @radioamanda @jeffmadsenobv "6 pack on a D" "Had to move my neck to see it end to end" HAHA so good.


03 Aug 08:48

Kevin Saul (@BeL0WaB0Ve)

RT @chelseaheathh: Let's help my girl @tiffrich22 out in fulfilling her dream of meeting @taylorswift13.Every post helps! #taylorswift htt…


03 Aug 08:43

Chris Moneymaker (@cmoneymaker)

RT @the_real_ryan_v: MONEYMAKER!! The reason us average guys play poker. It was awesome getting to meet you @cmoneymaker!


03 Aug 07:30

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

New Blog Post: Figure out your opponent's range (then do something about it) Is my play crazy?


03 Aug 07:20

Barry Shulman (@barry_shulman)

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK 2015: Belfast is by far the most walled segregated city in the world...


03 Aug 07:10

Katie Dozier (@Katie_Dozier)

@mitzula Thanks, feels like the party should be for my mom instead of me! :)


03 Aug 06:55

Josh Arieh (@golferjosh)

@brokelivingjrb you must be great company! You're on a once in a lifetime cruise and you're glued to your fkn computer!


03 Aug 06:53

Jean-Robert Bellande (@BrokeLivingJRB)

Does it get any sicker or better than this? #brokeonaboat #badugi #poolbar #danube @ The River…


03 Aug 04:39

Andrew Robl (@Andrew_Robl)

@jonathanlittle congrats man! So happy for you two!

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