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30 Sep 23:50

J.C. Tran (@jctran23)

While everyone is boarding planes to Australia for @wsop apac, I'm downing 30ml of NyQuil to sleep thru this cold. GL to everyone out there.


30 Sep 23:41

Robert Mizrachi (@PokerRob24)

In Niagra having a good time eating noodles with @erez_ozer


30 Sep 22:54

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

.@mollyoswaks @lizziewurtzel + @emilygould << was wondering what john malkovich was up to these days...


30 Sep 22:17

Shaun Deeb (@shaundeeb)

@notontilt09 @crashleyonfire tough choice on the aa for early pain or on the quads for max punishment


30 Sep 22:07

Tristan Wade (@tristancre8ive)

@nowyoucb RT @stax_poker: Congratulations to Chris Bolek for winning #cocopokeropen @stax_poker Event 3 for $16,442:


30 Sep 22:00

Phil Hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth)

Yes, show "Poker Night in America" has newly filmed cash games RT @rmvquintana @phil_hellmuth u guys dont have any new cash games shows?


30 Sep 21:54

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

@pacecar86 economy plus but yes ouch


30 Sep 21:50

Scott Clements (@BigRiskky)

I get like 5 channels in Australia 3 infomercials and Arabic news. 5th is Big Brother Australia. Who watches this $h%*?


30 Sep 21:45

Ryan Riess (@ryanriess1)

Boarding a plane to Australia!!! Cya down under #WSOP #APAC


30 Sep 21:44

Scott Seiver (@scott_seiver)

RT @kcpolice: We really need everyone to not commit crimes and drive safely right now. We'd like to hear the @royals clinch this.


30 Sep 21:02

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

RT @princeea: @realkidpoker Just released this one yesterday bro! Hope you enjoy it :) :


30 Sep 20:49

Dan Heimiller (@danheimiller)

What a Wild Wildcard Game! #MLBWildcard GL to Craigs home team!


30 Sep 20:07

Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka)

@the_tcd ;)


30 Sep 19:47

Layne Flack (@back2backflack)

RT @breakoutgaming: Get ready to feast! Serving up detailed info on the #BRO ICO very soon! @back2backflack @realjenharman @itsjohnnychan h…

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