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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


Jesse May Wins A Race

Roger Lu raised to 24,000 from middle position and Jesse May moved all-in for approximately 165,000 from the big blind. After some thought Lu made the call with the KQ which was racing against May’s ...

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20 Apr 08:04

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

It's #Easter Sunday and the only people hitting the gym are meatheads and atheists. I just so happen to be both. #GettinSwole


20 Apr 08:01

Victor Ramdin (@victorramdin)

Go go @victoriacoren show em boys you can play :)


20 Apr 08:00

Melanie Weisner (@melanieweisner)

Rooting for @victoriacoren to be the first two-time EPT champ!!!


20 Apr 07:59

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

Separated at birth? Anyone ever tell you you look like an actor, @chicagocards1 ?


20 Apr 07:51

Eugene Katchalov (@EugeneKatchalov)

RT @melanieweisner: This guy is my hero.


20 Apr 07:48

Victoria Coren (@VictoriaCoren)

RT @matt_tonge27: @victoriacoren @richardosman this is what happens when you watch #EPTSanRemo whilst chopping carrots for #sundaylunch htt…


20 Apr 07:28

Matthew Glantz (@MattGlantz)

@carusoson holding out for 2.00


20 Apr 06:40

Erik Seidel (@Erik_Seidel)

RT @gregdorris: RELIGION FACT: Jesus LOVED chocolate bunnies.


20 Apr 06:19

Vanessa Selbst (@VanessaSelbst)

preflop is fine for deception on dryer board, but cold calling range nails THAT board so HAVE to reconsider when benelli is firing #eptlive


20 Apr 03:34

Allen Kessler (@allenkessler)

@unta8 @venetianpoker were there 9 handed tables in play?


20 Apr 03:14

Joe Hachem (@JosephHachem)

@carolinenassima love you more my beautiful cuz xx


20 Apr 01:52

Jason Somerville (@JasonSomerville)

@seangagne93 6pm PDT sunday (16hours from now!). hope to see you there!


20 Apr 01:49

Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree)

Huge gl and congrats to @victoriacoren on making the #EPTSanremo final table. She could be about to win the first EPT double!


20 Apr 01:38

J.C. Tran (@jctran23)

RT @gazthewolf: I'm not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I'm a drunk, we go to parties.


20 Apr 01:00

Jeff Madsen (@JeffMadsenobv)

satisfied slumber

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