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22 Dec 11:00

Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly)

My wife is mad at me for some unknown reason. She thinks the "silent treatment" is punishing me.:-)


22 Dec 10:52

Greg Raymer (@FossilMan)

Next seminar on Jan. 18 here in Raleigh! Go to to ask for more info. This one will focus on final table strategy!


22 Dec 10:46

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)

Every time I buy Gold Medal Flour I have Geto Boys on a loop in my head #MindPlayinTricks


22 Dec 10:36

Chris Moneymaker (@cmoneymaker)

@ankushmandavia asking for a friend lol


22 Dec 10:21

Gavin Smith (@oleGSmith)

@hptjaymz ask to get a key to the city


22 Dec 10:19

Bernard Lee (@bernardleepoker)

@conralph @chilis --> you're welcome. Good luck!


22 Dec 10:16

Bryan Devonshire (@devopoker)

Grand Canyon Raft Trip Days 3 and 4 Raw - Rig to Trip, Ali's Learning to row!


22 Dec 10:15

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

RT @pratyushbuddiga: White girl walks by: "Hey did you win the Aria 25k?" Me (*thinking*): "Huh, nice made it." Turns out it's @chicagocard


22 Dec 09:34

Andy Frankenberger (@AMFrankenberger)

you might want to check your facebook setup, @curtkohlberg !


22 Dec 09:31

Chris Moorman (@Moorman1)

Help me settle a bet with a friend. Who's better Messi or Ronaldo? Retweet for Ronaldo and favorite for Messi


22 Dec 09:30

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

@jbogatz It will at some point.


22 Dec 09:23

Christian Harder (@realcharder30)

@haralabob @sethpartnow thanks. Curious to see how it plays out.


22 Dec 09:14

Adam Levy (@Roothlus)

According to @squidpoker I've become online poker's "Back In My Day" guy. He's not wrong. Meme attached


22 Dec 09:11

Marcel Luske (@MarcelLuske)

And this we call Cancer in Holland: The opposite of Don't Worry B happy;)


22 Dec 09:00

Randal Flowers (@RandALLin)

Whoa “@espnsteinline: The Detroit Pistons have just announced the release of Josh Smith. Stunning”

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