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22 Dec 07:59

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

@jiffypaws lol. She is just learning the game. It is a long card using 20 year old wording. She figured it out though!


22 Dec 07:28

Katie Dozier (@Katie_Dozier)

@killahmcgillah haha, that's awesome! :)


22 Dec 07:25

Chris Moneymaker (@cmoneymaker)

@deanc87 opponent 56. Board is 3344. No matter what comes u can't win


22 Dec 06:43

Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree)

RT @pokertube: .@liv_boeree is being just a little bit naughty - not that anyone really minds


22 Dec 06:42

Victor Ramdin (@victorramdin)


22 Dec 06:06

Joe Hachem (@JosephHachem)


22 Dec 05:39

David Williams (@dwpoker)

@jeffreyszelzki their chat is still unavail but express shipping claims it will arrive Dec 23. Fingers crossed. TY


22 Dec 04:23

Robert Mizrachi (@PokerRob24)

RT @thegrinder44: Time to log on @getluckypoker @ericmizrachi Get my mind off the pain ! See you at the tables ... Maybe ... http://t.c…


22 Dec 03:34

Jorryt van Hoof (@jorryt_van_hoof)

@leelondonsmith Nice to meet you :) And I will give you a shout when I decide to play :)


22 Dec 03:20

Marcel Luske (@MarcelLuske)

How many times should I remind myself that: you can lead a horse to the well,but you can NOT make it drink, so let go is the get;)


22 Dec 03:02

Justin Smith (@BoostedJ)

Man, I thought they called me strange back then, too. At least I'm strange for sure whether it's now or before, phew.


22 Dec 01:58

Gavin Smith (@oleGSmith)

@ufoundbobo @goldentee @primetime631 text me, I lost all my numbers!


22 Dec 01:31

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

RT @gingmquinto: Another photo from last night,more faces this time. Props to Mo and Garett for one of the memorable HU moments of S13 http…


22 Dec 01:19

Allen Kessler (@allenkessler)

@kaelaine @shurillagorilla I think the last two knockouts were 7th and 6th not 8th and 7th.


22 Dec 01:04

Faraz Jaka (@FarazJaka)

@therealmander plus I wanted to stay near a hostel I like to hang out at. sorted me w the location option :)

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