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31 Jul 16:01

Phil Collins (@USCphildo)

Very smart viral marketing campaign by Drake and Meek Mill. Nicely done.


31 Jul 15:57

Jason Somerville (@JasonSomerville)

vegas > fresno > sacramento > NY > toronto > dirty basement > jason streamerville #runitup #letsjuststream


31 Jul 15:49

Joseph Cheong (@subiime)

@mothebiketd hey mo I'm a few blocks away but stuck in a bit of traffic. Any way I can reserve 2 seats into the $200k? Ty!


31 Jul 15:46

David Williams (@dwpoker)

Got a favorable pairing and held! 3-2 with 3 rounds left in the day. Let's go! #PTOrigins


31 Jul 15:45

Allen Kessler (@allenkessler)

@pauloresteen @wpt were is correct grammar?


31 Jul 15:45

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

What do you do in the morning to help start your day in a productive manner?


31 Jul 15:39

Chino Rheem (@ChinoRheem)

@texdolly @pokerrob24 @suddenlybryce @thegrinder44 black beauty is known as Molly now & that bitch will make u fly ???? #yup keep it #oldskool


31 Jul 15:35

Gavin Griffin (@nhgg)

@stevebrecher because of venue or neutral EV considerations?


31 Jul 15:35

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

RT @farazjaka: Pit stop for some peaches & snow cones w @chicagocards1 @madmarvin Dallas to @choctawdurant for @wpt $3500 Main Event http:/…


31 Jul 15:24

Eugene Katchalov (@EugeneKatchalov)

@realkidpoker sure have! If you told me a year ago that I'd be doing this, I would probably laugh and think you're nuts lol


31 Jul 15:23

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

@savagepoker @hardrockholly @davidtuthill @coreyburbick @grizzaster which one of those two is the selling point exactly? ????


31 Jul 15:22

Greg Merson (@gregmerson)


31 Jul 15:21

Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree)

At the Google HQ for the #EAglobal summit!! #EffectiveAltruism


31 Jul 15:18

Mike Matusow (@TheMouthMatusow)


31 Jul 15:08

Maria Ho (@mariaho)

Finally figured out how working out leads to weight loss: Make the work out so hard that you'd rather never eat then do it again. #nailedit

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