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Poker Tweets from Professional Poker PlayersTwitter-bird


23 Sep 15:01

Shaun Deeb (@shaundeeb)

@gordomg you got it at dinner but will play a bit you have the new app yet


23 Sep 14:56

Justin Bonomo (@JustinBonomo)

@donnie_peters Np, ty!


23 Sep 14:33

Todd Brunson (@toddbrunson)

RT @forrestted: @toddbrunson break out gaming launch coming next month. I put the over under at 2 months till I have over half my money in …


23 Sep 14:10

Jason Somerville (@JasonSomerville)

@dark_knight_17 I'd seriously consider the opportunity, would be a really fun experience I'm sure!


23 Sep 14:05

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

@williegarson My man! Haven't seen you in ages! Hope all is well.


23 Sep 14:02

William Reynolds (@reynoldsxo)

@toddwitteles I stand by them but don't like my twitter feed all clogged UP


23 Sep 13:59

Sorel Mizzi (@sorelmizzi)

think it's time for a name change


23 Sep 13:40

Dan O'Brien (@danobrienpoker)

@scienceporn I'm pro feminism, but you're supposed to be a science account. Most not following for your personal views.


23 Sep 13:28

David Williams (@dwpoker)

RT @richtryan: Pumped to have @wpt @monsterproducts Invitational winner @dwpoker on the #PNPod tonight. If you guys have any questions, sen…


23 Sep 13:20

Jeff Madsen (@JeffMadsenobv)

crazy how my twitter account always gets hacked immediately following a sick bustout hand -- strange timing


23 Sep 13:17

Allen Kessler (@allenkessler)

RT @abdulinho: QuadJacks Tweets of the Week: The Fun and Agony of #Poker - @allenkessler @jeffmadsenobv @forrestted @oerockets


23 Sep 13:16

Christian Harder (@realcharder30)

RT @dougpolkpoker: Standard poker player moment. Forcing yourself to get up early today, 1 pm.


23 Sep 13:09

Matthew Glantz (@MattGlantz)

@_ofirmor omfg


23 Sep 12:55

Chris Moneymaker (@cmoneymaker)

RT @hwpokeropen: Hollywood Poker Open Season 3 Features More Regional Stops - Poker News


23 Sep 12:12

Gregory Merson (@gregmerson)

@bankofamerica when a customer is being helped to make a bank wire the employee shouldn't be taking a personal call and making me wait.

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