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18 Dec 12:01

Gavin Smith (@oleGSmith)

@jaredjaffee21 has the chip lead at the Bellagio, this means he is most likely to win and also most likely to crash and burn #hmmmm


18 Dec 12:00

Bryan Devonshire (@devopoker)

@polaroid195 I'm just a dirty raft guide.


18 Dec 11:32

Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree)

RT @mmflint: Dear Sony Hackers: now that u run Hollywood, I'd also like less romantic comedies, fewer Michael Bay movies and no more Transf…


18 Dec 11:28

Shaun Deeb (@shaundeeb)

@garrygates @mspairport ah that's why when I come back from Europe to Vegas would stop by family in ny for a day or two


18 Dec 11:23

Will Failla (@willfailla)

@vljfailla I want u to put it on your phone


18 Dec 11:11

Randal Flowers (@RandALLin)

@kevmath Any chance you have day 4 Bellagio seat draws (again)?


18 Dec 11:09

William Pappaconstantinou (@mastapapz)

RT @sportsnation: Tim Duncan was drafted almost 20 years ago and is still getting buckets! Here is what his future looks like:


18 Dec 11:07

Kathy Liebert (@pokerkat)

Made it through in WPT Bellagio with 388,500. My intention is to end the day today wih 800,000. Play down to 27 tonight.


18 Dec 11:03

Jonathan Little (@JonathanLittle)

@prhymepoker just do stuff when you wake up.


18 Dec 11:02

Chris Moorman (@Moorman1)

Check out the new giveaway I'm doing for the holidays with huge prizes! Good luck everyone!!


18 Dec 11:01

Greg Raymer (@FossilMan)

TYVM & u r welcome! RT @crybabyprize: @fossilman Once again Thank you for the 11 Hour Announcing Grind on the HTP YOU are Now My Fav TV Pro!


18 Dec 10:55

Adam Levy (@Roothlus)

@humlun lol wth. Why not your own?


18 Dec 10:51

Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker)

RT @jaredtendler: My interview with @realkidpoker was possibly the best discussion I've had on positive thinking


18 Dec 10:42

Mohsin Charania (@chicagocards1)

@venmosupport whoever hacked me changed email on my profile please call or text my DM here


18 Dec 10:34

Scott Clements (@BigRiskky)

Busted Bellagio WPT on day 3 yesterday. I played poorly. Next up is PCA

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