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Buy-In: $1,500 + $90
Prize Pool: $856,995
Entrants: 589

No-Limit Hold'em Event 1

  • Apr 07, '07 - Apr 08, '07


Updates on Day 1 (Apr 07, 07)


Motoyuki Mabuchi Wins the $1,500 NLHE Event ($274,950)

Champie Douglas limps in from the button and Motoyuki Mabuchi raises to $50,000.  Douglas calls and the flop comes 952.  Mabuchi bets $75,000 and Champie moves all in.  Mabuchi makes the call and shows A9 for top pair.  Douglas turns over 97 for top pair with a worse kicker.   The turns comes the 5 and the river is the 3.  Mabuchi wins the pot and eliminates Douglas in second place for $149,670.

Motoyuki Mabuchi wins the tournament, $274,950 and an entry into the WPT Championship.

Chip Counts

The approximate chip counts for the two remaining players are:

Motoyuki Mabuchi  -  $1,360,000

Champie Douglas  -  $385,000

Allen Baker Eliminated 3rd ($78,990)

Motoyuki Mabuchi raises to $33,000 from the button and both Allen Baker and Champie Douglas call.  The flop comes J105 and it is checked to Mabuchi, who bets $70,000.  Baker moves all in and Douglas folds.  Mabuchi calls and shows AQ.  Baker flips up KJ and is in the lead.  However, the Q on the turn gives Mabuchi a better pair and the 10 on the river does not improve Baker.  Mabuchi wins the hand and Baker is eliminated in third place.

Randy McKay Eliminated 4th ($45,765)

Randy Mckay has been eliminated in 4th place.  McKay pushed in his last 170,000 preflop with A4 and was called by Alan Baker who tabled KK.  The board came J9566, McKay failed to improve and was sent to the rail with a $45,765 payday.

Champie Douglas Doubles Up

Champie Douglas is all in preflop for $275,000 against Allen Baker.  Douglas shows 99 and Baker turns over A2.  The board comes J8644 and Douglas doubles up to over $550,000 chips.

Sam Lewis Eliminated 5th ($33,260)

Sam Lewis is all in preflop with 99 against the A7 of Allen Baker.  The board comes 1063A10 and Baker pairs his ace to eliminate Lewis in 5th place.

David Sklansky Eliminated 6th ($23,280)

David Sklansky is all in preflop with 1010 against the JJ of Champie Douglas.  The board comes J756K and Douglas wins the pot, eliminating Sklansky in 6th place.

Bob Cole Eliminated 7th ($16,630)

Bob Cole was the third player eliminated in the $1,500 NLHE final table.  Motoyuki Mabuchi raised to 30,000 from middle position, Cole re-raised to 84,000 from the button.  Mabuchi went into the tank until the clock was called on him by another player.  Mabuchi 3-bet all in and Cole called.  Mabuchi showed KQ and Cole tabled KT.  The flop brought Q39 the turn was the 5 and the river was the K.  Cole received $16,630 for his efforts.

Blind Increase

The blinds have gone up for the final table of the 1,500 NLHE event.  They are 6,000-12,000 with a 2,000 chip ante.

Quick Break

The final table players are currently on a 15-minute break.
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