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Buy-In: $2,500
Prize Pool: $1,702,000
Entrants: 740

Event 21 - No-Limit Hold'em Six Max

  • Jul 13, '06 - Jul 15, '06


Updates on Final Day (Jul 15, 06)


Heads Up Takes Two Hands

Bill Chen wins a small pot after a raise from the button and a small bet on the flop.  This gives him a slight lead over Nath Pizzolatto.

On the second heads-up hand, Pizzolatto limps on the button and Chen raises from the big blind another $25,000.  Pizzolatto calls and both players see a Jclub7spade5spade flop.  Chen leads out for $40,000 and Nath immediately calls.  The 10heart brings a check from both players.  Chen leads at the 9diamond river for $70,000.  Pizzolatto quickly makes it $200,000 and before he can finish the announcement Chen pushes all-in.  Pizzolatto asks, "Really?  Ok, I call."  Pizzolatto turns over 6-8 for a straight, but Chen tables Kclub-Qdiamond for the nut straight.

Bill Chen has won his second bracelet at this year's World Series of Poker.  He will take home the bracelet and $442,511.  Nath Pizzolatto will win $238,280 for 2nd place.


Heads Up!

The final showdown is set and Nath Pizzolatto will face off with William Chen for the gold bracelet. They are evenly matched with $905,000 for Chen and $938,000 for Pizzolatto.

Guttman Busts

Mike Guttman raises to $30,000 and William Chen re-raises all-in. Chen covers Guttman with $560,000 and Guttman calls, flipping over Big Slick. Chen shows pocket Jacks and the board comes 8club5heart3club3heart6spade. Guttman busts out in third place and takes home $139,564.

Biggest Pot Of The Day

Nath Pizzolatto limps from the button. From the small blind Chen calls, and Guttman checks in the big blind.  The flop is AheartQdiamond4heart and Pizzolatto checks, Guttman bets $30,000.  Pizzolatto calls and the turn is the 9heart. Guttman checks and Pizzolatto bets $40,000. Guttman raises to $100,000 and Pizzolatto calls and the Qclub falls on the river. Pizzolatto fires $150,000 and Guttman calls. Pizzolatto turns over Kheart2heart for the nut flush over Guttman's Jheart6heart and takes down the monster $600,000 pot.


Pizzolatto Climbing; Guttman Dropping

From the small blind Mike Guttman raises to $32,000 and out of the big blind, Nath Pizzolatto calls.  After checking the KdiamondQspade4spade flop, the 3diamond comes on the turn.  Guttman leads out with $40,000 and Pizzolatto calls.  Guttman check the 8heart on the river and Pizzolatto bets $60,000.  Guttman calls and Pizzolatto flips over a Kspade7heart.  Guttman mucks his hand and is down to $700,000 while Pizzolatto climbs up to $565,000.

Raymer Supporting Chen

Greg Raymer has joined the gallery here at the final table, to provide support for Bill Chen.

Chen Raking Pots

From the button, Bill Chen raises to $23,000 and Mike Guttman re-raises to $100,000.  Chen calls and the flop comes Aspade4spade2club.  Chen bets $100,000 and Guttman folds.  Chen rakes in the $220,000 pot and currently sits on $560,000.

Break Time

Players are currently on a 15 minute break.  When they return, Level 18 begins with $6,000-$12,000 blinds and $2,000 antes.

Rare Showdown

After Guttman and Pizzolatto check the flop of 6diamond4club2club, the 8diamond comes on the turn.  Guttman leads out with $40,000 and Pizzolatto calls.  The river brings the Jdiamond and Guttman checks.  Pizzolatto bets $70,000, Guttman calls and shows 8heart7heart.  Pizzolatto mucks his cards and Guttman scoops up the pot.

Raising Wars

From the button, Guttman raises it up to $24,000 and Nath Pizzolatto calls.  The flop comes 9spade6heart5diamond and Pizzalotto leads out with $25,000.  Guttman re-raises Pizzolatto to $100,000 and quickly Pizzolatto moves all-in.  Guttman folds and Pizzolatto takes down the biggest pot, thus far, since play has moved to three-handed.
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