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CPPT V - The Bicycle Casino

$1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Quantum CPPT ME $400K GTD



Players are now on a break following the completion of level 16.

Buy-In: $1,500
Prize Pool: $1,504,230
Entrants: 1102

Event 3 - Pot-Limit Hold'em

  • Jun 28, '06 - Jun 30, '06


Updates on Final Day (Jun 30, 06)


Rafe Furst Wins the $1,500 Pot Limit Event ($345,984)

After flop of 10heart8spade4heart, Rocky Enciso bets $80,000 and Rafe Furst raises $80,000.  Enciso calls and the turn is the 10spade.  Enciso bets the pot of $400,000, leaving himself $12,000 behind.  Furst puts him all in and Enciso calls.  Enciso shows Jheart4spade but Furst turns over 8diamond4diamond for a better two pair.  The river is the 2diamond and Rocky Enciso has been eliminated in 2nd place, earning $180,508.

Rafe Furst wins his first bracelet and $345,984.

Updated Chip Counts

The updated chip counts are:

Rafe FurstLos Angeles, CA, US$1,060,000
Rocky EncisoGlendale, CA, US$630,000


Eric "Rizen" Lynch Eliminated 3rd ($104,544)

Rocky Enciso raises the pot preflop and Eric Lynch moves all in.  Rafe Furst calls the all in as does Enciso.  Enciso turns over KclubQdiamond, Lynch shows Aclub7heart and Furst turns over AdiamondKdiamond.  The board comes KheartJdiamond3heartQspade5club and Enciso triples up with two pair.  Eric Lynch has been eliminated from the tournament in 3rd place as Rafe Furst wins the side pot.

Rafe Furst Adds To His Lead

Eric Lynch raises to $120,000 preflop and Rafe Furst raises the pot to $280,000.  Eric Lynch calls and the flop comes Kspade6club3club.  Furst moves all in and Lynch mucks his hand.

Rafe Furst Takes the Chip Lead

After winning a few smaller pots in a row, Rafe Furst has taken over the chip lead from Eric Lynch.

Updated Chip Counts

The updated chip counts are:

Eric LynchOlathe, KS, US$760,000
Rafe FurstLos Angeles, CA, US$576,000
Rocky EncisoGlendale, CA, US$320,000


Rafe Furst Doubles Up

Eric Lynch raises the pot to $110,000 and Rafe Furst reraises all in.  Lynch makes the call and shows Kheart7diamond.  Furst is in the lead with Adiamond2diamond.  The board comes 5spade4diamond3clubKclub8heart and Furst flops a wheel and doubles up to $576,000.

Saved by the River

Eric Lynch raises the pot and Rafe Furst reraises all in from the small blind.  Lynch makes the call and his AdiamondKdiamond has Furst's Aspade8spade dominated.  The flop comes Jheart10club6heart and Lynch retains the lead.  The turn is the 6spade but the river comes the Jdiamond and the two pair on the board save Furst from elimination.  Both players chop the pot with two pair and a ace kicker.

Updated Chip Counts

The updated chip counts are:

Eric LynchOlathe, KS, US$1,070,000
Rafe FurstLos Angeles, CA, US$400,000
Rocky EncisoGlendale, CA, US$325,000


Rocky Enciso Doubles Up

On a board of Kspade9heart5club10spade, Rafe Furst bets the pot and Rocky Enciso moves all in.  Furst makes the call and shows 8diamond7heart for an open ended straight draw.  Enciso is in the lead with 10heart6spade for a pair.  The river is the Adiamond and Enciso has doubled up to around $330,000.

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