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Online Poker Scandal: Annie Duke Responds To Leaked Russ Hamilton Audio Recording

Poker Pro Defends Herself Against Accusations From Some In Poker Community


The Russ Hamilton recording released last week had a mention of Annie Duke and her role with the company, which spawned a number of accusations on the Internet with regards to what she did or did not know with as it pertained to the cheating at Ultimate Bet.

Here is just one of the Tweets about Duke after the tape was released.

“I had access to the delayed viewing of cards only for a few UB tournament events where I was a radio commentator,” Duke Tweeted on May 11.

Duke followed up by issuing a lengthy statement on Facebook Saturday, defending herself against people who are accusing her of misconduct.

“The release of this audio has spurred accusations and I want to make it clear that I have never used a tool on a delay or otherwise that gave me or anyone else access to hole cards for use during real money play nor was I aware that such a tool existed until the scandal broke,” Duke wrote.

“The audio recordings and the data dump from Travis Makar and others also make it completely clear who the perpetrators of the cheating were, and that I was not involved in their scheme in any way. For those who have not taken the time to listen to the full audio, at one point Russ Hamilton mischaracterizes my legitimate role as a commentator as he tries to concoct a cover story for his scheme. I can only assume that he is referring to the several times that I commentated on tournaments in which a delayed broadcast was provided to the public, as this was the only delay that I was ever aware of,” she added.



4 years ago

Gee, accusations like this could sully her reputation and harm the family name.


Mr. Honest
4 years ago

Really.....She was part of the UB scandal. Then came the Epic Poker League debacle. I have every reason to believe she is telling the truth now.


4 years ago

If you can't trust Howie Lederer and Annie Dick, who can you trust these days?


4 years ago

she is not to be trusted and is pathological


4 years ago

Annie and her brother are both scumbags and deserve to be banned from poker FOREVER!!!


almost 4 years ago

This non game playing girl gave up her family for a poker game.


1 year ago

Your right ! They werent happy making a billion a year from poker players support . They didnt even wanty to leave crumbs