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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


Michael Gilligan Doubles Through Thomas O'Shea

On the first hand of the unofficial nine-handed final table, Michael Gilligan moved all-in from middle position and action folded around to Thomas O’Shea in the big blind. O’Shea called and the hands were tabled. ...

Poker Video Spotlight -- Mark Gregorich On Omaha Eight-or-Better Strategy

Card Player TV Talks To Omaha Eight-or-Better Specialist Gives Advice On Starting Hands


Mark GregorichCard Player TV recently caught up with Omaha eight-or-better specialist Mark Gregorich for a video interview about the types of hands that you should be playing in Omaha-eight beyond just A-A-2-3 double suited.

Gregorich is particularly well qualified to speak on the subject, because in addition to playing the game for a living he also co-authored the chapter on it in the popular poker strategy book Super System 2 with poker legend Bobby Baldwin.

In the video, Gregorich provides information on the second tier of starting hands that players should be looking to enter hands with.

“One of the biggest problems I see beginners getting into in O/8 is that they have trouble folding hands before the flop,” says Gregorich. “Since you get four cards instead of two, as in hold’em, it’s so easy to find something that looks good.”

In the video Gregorich also discusses playing high-only starting hands, an area of the game that can be confusing to fledgling Omaha eight or better players.

Check out the video below:

Card Player TV has been bringing you insight from the games’ top pros for years. As a result, a number of poker’s best players have given their take on the subject of Omaha eight-or-better. Here’s a look at some of those videos: