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Lock Poker 2013 Player Of The Year Update: Volpe Extends Lead, Visser Joins Top Ten

European Poker Tour London Event Has Huge Impact On POY Race


Things were really shaken up this week on the 2013 Player of the Year race, sponsored by Lock Poker. Here is a look at the events that made the biggest impact on the race:

European Poker Tour London Main Event

Ruben VisserThe 2013 European Poker Tour London has definitely made its mark on this year’s POY race, causing a number of shifts towards the top of the leader board.

The marquee event of the series was of course the £5,250 no-limit hold’em main event, which drew 647 entrants to build a prize pool of $4,722,059 when converted to US dollars. From that massive field emerged Ruben Visser. The pro from The Netherlands earned $895,370 and 1,680 POY points for the win, climbing into eighth place in the overall standings as a result. This was his second final table of the series, having finished eighth in a prelim just days earlier.

Visser topped a tough final table that included Theo Jorgensen (4th – $275,383), Steve O’ Dwyer (5th – $219,704) and Chris Moorman (8th – $85,775).

European Poker Tour London Side Events

Current leader Paul VolpeA number of the side event also effected the POY race. The £10,300 no-limit hold’em high roller event drew 112 entrants. In the end Talal Shakerchi emerged victorious for $656,599 and 720 points, defeating Faraz Jaka heads-up. The fourth-place finisher, was none other than Paul Volpe, who is on a final-table tear. This was his third big top-four score in roughly a month, and as a result he has furthered his lead in the POY race. Volpe now sits with 3,230 points and $1,248,413 in year-to-date earnings.

A couple players moved into the top ten this week as a result of EPT side event scores including Dan Shak, who made his fourth final table of the year when he finished runner-up in the £10,300 eight-game championship. As a result, Shak now sits in 15th place in the overall standings.

Just ahead of him is Michael Watson. The Canadian climbed to the seven spot this week as a result of making two runner-up finishes, the first in a £2,100 no-limit hold’em event and the second in a £5,200 no-limit hold’em six-max event. Watson has made four final tables this year, with one win and year-to-date earnings of $689,490.

Here is a look at the current top twenty in the POY standings:

Rank Player POY Points Earnings
1 Paul Volpe 3,230 $1,248,413
2 Dimitar Danchev 2,340 $1,903,452
3 Paul Klann 2,100 $1,004,090
3 Mervin Chan 2,100 $1,689,118
5 Joel Micka 1,996 $1,198,640
6 Remi Castaignon 1,824 $1,050,220
7 Joe Cabret 1,750 $1,055,699
8 Ruben Visser 1,716 $899,162
9 WeiKai Chang 1,680 $1,138,350
10 Michael Watson 1,554 $622,435
11 Jerry Wong 1,520 $725,000
11 Walid Habib 1,520 $647,863
13 Jim Anderson 1,480 $470,292
13 Jesse Yaginuma 1,480 $438,290
15 Daniel Shak 1,450 $901,440
16 Andy Hwang 1,440 $730,053
17 Patrik Antonius 1,400 $633,419
17 Mantas Visockis 1,400 $567,974
17 Joe Nguyen 1,400 $666,740
20 Igor Kurganov 1,340 $1,488,402