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World Series Of Poker Makes 'Ladies' Event $10K Buy-In, Gives Women $9K Discount

Decision Made To Hopefully Keep Men Out Of Tournament


Men will have to pay a hefty price, in addition to the public shaming, in order to compete in the “Ladies” event at the 2013 World Series of Poker.

The WSOP announced Thursday, as part of the release of the 2013 summer schedule, that the buy-in for the special tournament will be raised from $1,000 to $10,000, and women will get a $9,000 discount. The goal is dissuade men from playing.

“We love the Ladies event,” WSOP spokesman Seth Palansky said via email. “It has history with us dating back to 1977. We want to do everything we can to bring more ladies into the game and give them a comfortable environment in which to play. As we follow all laws, the change this year allows us to accomplish our goals while remaining law-abiding.”

The WSOP can’t implement an outright ban on men from entering.

Reaction on social media was overwhelmingly supportive, with many big name pros voicing their opinions on the WSOP’s creative decision.

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over 1 year ago

Doubt it will happen, but imagine the publicity the guy gets who enters this by way of a 10k buy in.


over 1 year ago

Why stop there? If they really want to firmly discourage male participation, they should just make it a $20k buy-in and half goes to charity. Regardless, great idea WSOP.


over 1 year ago

I wish I were dealing the @WSOP this year. I'd do my best to deal a cooler to every guy that entered the Ladies' Event.


over 1 year ago

I like the idea behind this but it misses the mark. There exists two reasons for having a ladies event in poker (or any sport for that matter);

1) Guarantee that at least one female wins a bracelet every year


2) Attempt to entice more woman into the given sports/game series (in this case trying to get more consumers in the form of humans with vaginas to spend hard earned money into the WSOP brand)

I think that there should be 2 advertised ladies events for best accomplishing #1 and #2 above.

Ladies Event #1, have the current $1K ladies entry event include a $50,000 buy-in for males. Neither the $10,000 male buy-in nor $50,000 male buy-in will 100% guarantee a lady winning a bracelet out of the 62 bracelet events, but the $50,000 male buy-in is much more likely to.

Ladies Event #2, have a ladies event with a $1K ladies buy-in to a $3K male buy-in (this 1:3 entry ratio could fluctuate year-to-year depending on the previous years ratio of female:male entries. With the main point being that Ladies Event #2 eventually (after multiple years of doing it) have gender population data that reverse-image equates to the ratio buy-in for the purpose of expected value for both genders).

For example, with the ratio buy-ins of $1,000female:$3,000male, then the gender population of entries for “gender ratio of expected value to buy-in ratio” should equate to a ‘reverse image ratio.’ 3femaleplayers:1maleplayer/$1Kfemale:$3Kmale, thus the next years Ladies Event #2 buy-in gender:money ratio would stay the same and if not, then it would shift accordingly from the previous years data.

*(The above is all assuming two things. First, that more women should be brought into poker [not sure that I agree with this, but not sure that it’s a bad goal either]. Two, that females are not as good and/or experienced of poker players as males, but I’m just going from the horses mouth via past comments from Selbst and Oberstad).


1 year ago

Your logic only serves to make the bracelets that these women win significantly LESS valuable (i.e. you're saying women lack the skill to win bracelets at open events.) This is disgusting and highly sexist. As is indicating that women are at a 10-1 skill deficit versus men by charging men 10x as much to enter.

The WSOP is a business. Certainly they can find other ways to entice females to spend money on their product other than sexually discriminating poker players while insulting women poker players everywhere.


over 1 year ago

It is amusing that it's still acceptable to have ladies only anything. Imagine the uproar if there was a mens event. All events should be open to all.


1 year ago

Well said.


over 1 year ago

I guess it's time to ban the Olympics where men compete against men and women compete against women.Do away with World Cup Soccer while we are at it. Close McDonald's for giving senior citizens a discount on coffees and all other businesses that give discounts to certain customers whiles excluding others. The WSOP should just have the guts to say the womens event is just for women no troglydtes allowed. The WSOP does have a seniors only event that some dopey 20 something cannot enter.


over 1 year ago

Sexist is accurate. Seems to be ok for women to play in what were once tournaments for men. So men should be able to play in what were once tournaments for women? The excuse of "trying to entice more women into playing the game" is a crock. And why the hell should women get a discount. In reality it should be the other way around. Why? Check you facts guys and gals. Women spend over 80% of every discretionary dollar earned in America. Here's the kicker. They control over two thirds of the wealth too! Yup, over 66% of the goodies and gold are horded by women. You'll love this... three of the primary ways women accumulate wealth are... are you ready for this ... inheritance, divorce, and... wait for it..."crook." And you won't even let the guys get some of their money back. Whoever made this decision a hexed whammy on you. May your next divorce keep your ex in chips forever... your chips.


over 1 year ago

I'm fine with the situation of the $9,000 discount as long as the casino or whoever puts up the differene, so that the prize pool has $10,000 credited for each entrant. I doubt this is the caae now. If the situation is such that men have to pay $9,000 more, and the prize pool is only credited $1,000 for eah woman entrant, that this would be illegal and ripe for a lawsuit. It sounds clever on the surface as a way to keep men out, but I don't think it is legal to discriminate against men by pricing them out. On the other hand, I am all for women's only tournaments, but it has to be done legally.

I suppose its similar to when bars offer ladies drinks and ladies night free entrance promotions, which is legal in some states and illegal in others. State courts in California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have ruled that ladies' night discounts are unlawful gender discrimination under state or local statutes. I'm sure the poker 'discounts' for women is a similar thing, where state rights will prevail
[from Wikipedia] The California Supreme Court has ruled that ladies' days at a car wash and ladies' nights at a nightclub violate California's Unruh Civil Rights Act in Koire v Metro Car Wash (1985)[5] and Angelucci v. Century Supper Club (2007).[6] The Unruh Act provides: "All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex [...] are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever [...]."[5] The court considered the statutory defense that the promotions serve "substantial business and social purposes", but concluded that merely being profitable is not a sufficient defense.


1 year ago

While I feel it's just fine for a casino to specifically encourage (i.e. target) women to play poker, having a LADIES ONLY event is NOT the way to do it.

It's insulting to women, implying that they need some sort of special treatment in order to compete or feel "comfortable" competing with those icky men. Why not just have open buy-ins (male and female) in ALL tournaments and SEGREGATE them by sex? [I don't think that would be well-accepted!]

Furthermore, I think the WSOP has gone WAY off track here with their "$9000 discount" for ladies. Get ready to be sued!! Is the $9000 that the casino is ponying up for each female entrant still going to the prize pool? It IS in fact listed as a $10000 buy-in event.

So if a man buys in for $10000 (full price) how exactly is the casino going to divide up the prize pool? As listed in the structure for this event, 7% goes toward the entry fee (which is $700 for EACH entrant, male or female) and 3% for the staff ($300 for EACH entrant, male or female.) So, by definition $9000 from each entrant needs to go towards the prize pool. If the casino is covering this for each female entrant, it's all good (financially speaking.) If NOT, then men entrants and female entrants are in effect playing for different prizes and paying different entry/staff fees. EPIC FAIL.

I'd seriously suggest that casinos find a DIFFERENT way to encourage women to become their customers. If you insist on holding ladies events, you'll just have to let men play if they want to. (Or get sued, sued, sued!!)

This just in: WSOP announces separate 2014 LGBT and straight events along with Ethiopian only events. 2015 will feature a new dwarf event with a discount for those people shorter than 4'10" in height and possibly a lactose intolerant event.


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