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Arkansas Couple Hits Scratch-Off Lotto Jackpot Twice In One Day, Wins More Than $1 Million

ABC News Interviews Lucky Gamblers This Week


After winning $1 million on Feb. 4 from a lottery scratch-off ticket, an Arkansas couple decided to play again that same day. The result? Just another $50,000.

The odds of what transpired are reportedly one in three billion.

“I’m not expecting anything like this to ever happen again,” the husband said.

ABC News has the story.

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over 2 years ago

this math is incorrect. you can find out the odds of a specific person winning twice by simply multiplying the odds of both. HOWEVER, if the question is what are the odds that ANY person will win twice than the probability is far higher. Very similar to the birthday problem. Mathematicians have actually calculated this occurrence in the 30-1 range. Remember, the odds of hitting the first time are irrelevant.

yet again. this site posts, supports and continues to propagate false probabilities.


2 years ago

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