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Annie Duke Defends Gambling On Fox Business

'Former Professional Poker Player' Appears On Segment Last Week


Annie Duke has made a resurgence lately in terms of getting herself back in the spotlight. The World Series of Poker bracelet winner appeared on the Fox Business Network last week to talk about the gambling industry sector in the United States.

Duke, who was introduced as a “former professional poker player,” largely defended gambling as a legal and regulated enterprise after questions from host John Stossel.

The 47-year-old Duke has not been as prominent of a face in the poker and gambling world since her Epic Poker League folded last year in bankruptcy.

Duke and her co-guest vocalized some of the classic arguments in defense of gambling as a legitimate business. Check out the video below.

In addition to the Fox Business appearance, Duke recently sat down with The Young Turks to talk about a similar topic.



1 year ago

not a mention by her on the full tilt or U B scandal. she was asked nothing by stossel if there are scumbags in poker


1 year ago

I'm so sick of "double speak". Listen you idiots its very simple. I should be able to do whatever I want with my own money especially gamble with it. America is a joke. They don't give a f#$k about your personal life. They are unable to tax your bets and that's why they are trying to keep gambling illegal. End of discussion. I'm an adult who earned my money. If I want to gamble with my money then that's my decision. F#$k the government!!!! Wake up morons it's a matter of personal freedom in the land of the supposed free.


1 year ago

If you legalize it, it's better regulated. I'm all for legalizing gambling... good stuff Duke and Basham.


1 year ago

Legalize it! I agree with you Annie.