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CPPT II - Paddy Power Irish Open

€2,250 No-Limit Hold'em


Jesse May Wins A Race

Roger Lu raised to 24,000 from middle position and Jesse May moved all-in for approximately 165,000 from the big blind. After some thought Lu made the call with the KQ which was racing against May’s ...

France Poker Series Underway In Paris

Final Stop On Season II Sees 225 Players Take Part In Cercle Cadet


The final stop on season II of the France Poker Series is underway at Cercle Cadet in Paris.

The €1,100 buy in event has four day ones with day 1A attracting 82 players and day 1B attracting 143 players. Today sees day 1C of the event.

Players should be aware that four percent of the tournament prize pool will be withheld for government taxes, and an additional fee of six percent is taken for tournaments with a buy-in above €400.

Additionally Cercle Cadet requires all players to be members of the Cercle at a cost of €30.

Play continues in the main event until Monday when the High Roller event also climaxes.