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Mucking Winning Poker Hands: Laak, Ivey, Galfond

Phil Laak Latest Pro Caught on Camera Throwing in the Winner


Phil LaakHaving the winning hand on the river isn’t always enough — one still has to table the cards.

It’s exceedingly rare for players to muck the winner — and almost astronomically improbable for the best in the world to get caught on camera doing so.

However, last month, professional Phil Laak mucked his superior holdings during a cash game in Europe for a pot worth about $81,000. Here’s a look at the hand.

One has to wonder if he folded the winning hand at any point during his 115-hour record-breaking session in the summer of 2010.

Laak isn’t alone in the making the blunder of all blunders. Phil Ivey once mucked the winner in the WSOP Main Event. Check out the footage of the eight-time bracelet winner mistakenly tossing in his cards on poker biggest stage.

Way back in season four of High Stakes Poker on GSN, young online pro Phil Galfond was set to chop the multi-way pot with Eli Elezra. However, Galfond slid his cards toward the dealer. He later realized what he had done.

Note: The hand starts at the two-minute mark.

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over 2 years ago

No real surprise for Laak. In his mind, he looks good playing poker.
The real surprise is the speed of the game in the Laak video. It took 8 minutes to play one hand. What a joke, they are a bunch of posers, and losers.
I am sure they chop the money up after it is over. No real poker player I have ever met would not have been telling the dealer to deal when he sat there after the hand was over for 2 minutes watching the players talk.
If you are faking something for TV, at least try and make it look real.


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