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CPPT II - Westside Poker Championship

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Derrick Mokedi Wins with Aces

Derrick Mokedi raised to 700 from middle position and Glen Mizelle called from the cutoff. The button re-raised to 1,400 and the big blind called. Mokedi and Mizelle both called and the dealer burned and ...

Illinois House Rejects Casino Expansion Bill

Gov. Pat Quinn Did Not Support the Measure


Pat QuinnThe Illinois House rejected a revised casino expansion bill by a 58-53 margin on Wednesday. It needed 60 votes to pass.

Gov. Pat Quinn was not behind the measure and said he was pleased it didn’t pass, according to NBC Chicago.

In October, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that he would seek to propose his own watered-down version of legislation that would allow five new casinos, including one in Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was behind the bill that failed.

Quinn is reportedly against slots at racetracks and allowing those associated with a casino to give campaign contributions, both of which remained in the revised text.

Some lawmakers are planning to continue working on the proposal and possibly bring it up for another vote.

Supporters for the bill argue its fees would generate about $1.4 billion, with $400 million to $1 billion annually in tax revenue. The Chicago Tribune reported last month that the state’s deficit could grow to $5 billion by July 2012.

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